Health Insurance

Fall 2021 United Health Care Premium is $1,404.00


Spring 2022 Waivers are currently open!

An email will be sent to your GSC Student Email with the link once Spring waivers are open.

Be sure to complete the waiver promptly. Once the deadline has passed, your student account will be charged the premium. No exceptions.


Mandatory Insurance

Nursing and International students have been mandated by the Board of Regents to pay for mandatory student health insurance. These fees are charged to students automatically when the fee assessment process is finished.

How to Waive Coverage

You will receive an e-mail from the Bursar's Office each semester with instructions for completing the waiver. Once an approved waiver is submitted, your student account will update within 2 business days.


Voluntary Insurance

Voluntary rates may differ from the mandatory rates above. For more information regarding available rates, please visit United Health Care's Website.