Remote Proctor Now for Faculty

Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) is an exam monitoring service that reviews videos created as students complete online exams. RPNow reviewers flag any suspicious activity or rule violation that might have occurred during the exam. The faculty member can then review all of the videos within the learning management system, especially those with flags.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where is Remote Proctor Now located?

RPNow is located in the school’s official learning management system, Brightspace by D2L. Faculty and students will need to navigate to the course homepage and choose the “Tools/Resources” dropdown from the navigation bar.

  • Faculty will use the “Register Remote Proctor Now Exams” to set up exams for Remote Proctor Now.
  • Students will use the “Remote Proctor Now for Students” to take exams using Remote Proctor Now.

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How does Remote Proctor Now work?

The following are the steps professors and students would take to set up and complete an exam using Remote Proctor Now:

  1. The faculty member creates the exam in D2L as normal. The faculty member will have to include a password on the exam, but he/she should not give that password to students. There will also need to be a start and end date on the exam. Again, the faculty member will need to make sure the quiz has the following: a password, a start date, and an end date.
  2. The faculty member will associate the exam in D2L to Remote Proctor Now. The faculty member will do this by using the “Register Remote Proctor Now Exams” link under the “Tools/Resources” dropdown on the navigation bar.
  3. The student will take the exam by navigating to “Remote Proctor Now for Students” link under the “Tools/Resources” dropdown on the navigation bar.
  4. The faculty member will be able to view the reviewed recordings of the students in the RPNow dashboard (“Register Remote Proctor Now Exams” under “Tools/Resources”). They will need to carefully review any videos that have been flagged by RPNow.

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Do students have to pay for Remote Proctor Now?

Yes. The cost is $15.00 per exam monitored. There is a flat fee despite the length or timing of the exam. Students will be prompted to pay with credit card or PayPal before they begin the exam within D2L.

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Do students have to schedule an appointment to take the exam with Remote Proctor Now?

No. RPNow records a video of the student as they take the exam within D2L. The RPNow representatives review the video after the student has submitted the exam. The students do not connect synchronously to a live proctor, which means they do not need an appointment. They will simply take the exam during the allotted window in Brightspace by D2L.

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What should I tell my students about Remote Proctor Now?

Here is a sample statement that you might include in your syllabus:

Remote Proctor Now is a testing integrity program that creates a video (using the webcam on the device) as the student completes an exam in D2L. The video is then reviewed by Remote Proctor Now representatives to ensure that the student didn’t use any prohibited materials during the exam. If there is reason to believe that the student used prohibited materials, however, the video will be flagged in D2L and the instructor may review it more closely. The only individuals who review the exam or have access to the video are the RPNow reviewers and the instructor of the course.

In order to complete your exam with RPNow, you will need the following:

  • Webcam (internal or external)
  • Desktop or Laptop (tablets, phones, or chromebooks are not allowed because you are required to download special software)
  • A photo ID (Government Issues or Gordon State ID)
  • A small mirror (for the room scan- if using a desktop)

Each exam completed using Remote Proctor Now will cost $15.00. The student will be prompted to pay (via credit card or Paypal) as they begin the exam in D2L.

Click here to read more about Remote Proctor Now for students.

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Can my students practice using Remote Proctor Now before taking the actual exam?

Yes. It is highly encouraged that the faculty member set up a practice exam in their D2L course and associate it as a practice exam in Remote Proctor Now. Students do not have to pay for practice exams and they are not reviewed by RPNow. They are meant to ensure the student’s technology is working appropriately.

Faculty can create their own D2L practice quiz and associate it as such to RPNow or they can download this .zip file of a practice D2L quiz. Faculty can import this quiz into their D2L by:

  • Downloading the .zip file and saving it to their computer (select the zip file and choose the "show actions" icon to download)
  • Navigating to their course in D2L and choosing “Course Admin”
  • Selecting “Import/Export/Copy Components” and select “Import”
  • Select the .zip file and allow it to upload. The quiz should now be located in the “Quizzes” are of D2L.

The faculty member will then need to navigate to Remote Proctor Now in their course (by choosing “Tools/Resources” and “Register Remote Proctor Now Exams”). They will need to connect this sample quiz to RPNow as a practice exam.

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How do I set up my exam in D2L using Remote Proctor Now?

This video will provide instructions for connecting the D2L exam to RPNow.

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How do I review the videos of the exam, especially the flagged ones?

This video will provide instructions on how to access the videos within Remote Proctor Now to review them for flags (skip to the 27-minute mark).

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