Remote Proctor Now for Students

Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) is an exam monitoring service that reviews videos created as students complete online exams. RPNow reviewers flag any suspicious activity or rule violation that might have occurred during the exam. The faculty member can then review all of the videos within the learning management system, especially those with flags.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is Remote Proctor Now located?

RPNow is located in the school’s official learning management system, Brightspace by D2L (here). After logging in, the student will need to select:

  • The specific course from the “My Courses” area (far right side)
  • “Tools/Resources” from top navigation bar
  • “Remote Proctor Now for Students” in dropdown

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How does Remote Proctor Now work?

As a student, you will still take your exam in D2L. You will however, complete it using Remote Proctor Now. This means that as you take the exam in D2L, a video will be made via your webcam. This will record you, your screen, and any audio in the room. Before beginning the exam, you will be asked to show your ID as well as conduct a room scan (where you scan the room with the webcam to ensure prohibited materials are not present). This video will be sent via the D2L integration to Remote Proctor Now reviewers. They will watch the video to ensure that prohibited materials were not used during the exam. If prohibited materials were used, the video will be flagged for your instructor to further review.

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Do students have to pay for Remote Proctor Now?

Yes. The cost is $15.00 per exam monitored. There is a flat fee despite the length or timing of the exam. Students will be prompted to pay with credit card or PayPal before they begin the exam within D2L.

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Do students have to schedule an appointment to take the exam with Remote Proctor Now?

No. RPNow records a video of the student as they take the exam within D2L. The RPNow representatives review the video after the student has submitted the exam. The students do not connect synchronously to a live proctor, which means they do not need an appointment. They will simply take the exam during the allotted window in Brightspace by D2L.

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What do students need in order to test with Remote Proctor Now?

Students will need the following:

  • Windows or Mac-Laptop or desktop (tablets, phones, or chromebooks are not allowed because you will be asked to download special software)
  • Webcam (internal or external)
  • Photo ID (Government Issues or Gordon State ID)
  • A small mirror (for the room scan- if using a desktop)
  • A quiet room with limited distractors (students cannot have other people in the room as they test).

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What if a student needs technical support during their exam?

Once in Remote Proctor Now, there is a "Contact Support" in the upper right corner of the screen. Students can use this to chat live with a RPNow representative.

How do I take the exam in D2L using Remote Proctor Now?

This video will provide instructions as to how students will take the D2L exam using Remote Proctor Now.

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