eCore Class Access

Approximately 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each new term, registered students should receive a letter from the central eCore office. The letter will be sent to your Gordon State College email address. The letter will include very important information such as how to buy books, how to get help, and how and when to logon. It is important for you to try your login information BEFORE classes start, and that you also make arrangements to have your course materials available BEFORE classes start.

Class Login is different

eCore courses are located on a different server than other online courses. Students login to their eCore class via GoVIEW.

Please note: Students cannot logon to their courses until the official first day of class. Although you will be unable to access your course(s) until the first day of class, you will be able to access your GoVIEW login page as well as the Student Success Guide, so go ahead and log in to be certain that your username and password work.

If you added a course during late registration or drop/add, you will receive an eCore letter through your GSC email account within 24 hours after your registration date.

If you do not receive a letter from the eCore office in your GSC email, please contact your eCore Liasion at On the first day of class you can login to eCore directly by logging into your GoVIEW page to have another letter sent to you.


Your username is the official email address provided to eCore by your home institution.
Example: If your official email is then your ecore username will be jd123456_goc (NOTE: Your username will be the same as your campus email username prefix followed by an underscore (_).


Your password will be whatever your Banner Password was at the time that you registered for your eCore course this semester. If you cannot remember your password or have password issues, you may access the "Forgot Password?" link directly under the login area on the GoVIEW site. When clicking on the "Forgot Password" Link, you will need to type in your new username in the format listed above. The password reset link will be emailed to your campus email address. The email will be sent from

Lost Password: If you have lost your GOML/eCore password, the following link will assist you in retrieving your password at the time you registered for an eCore class: Password Lookup

Important: If you choose to reset your password you will need to wait 5-10 minutes after resetting your password for the change to be processed OR refresh your browser window. If you still cannot access GoVIEW, please contact the eCore Helpdesk at 1-855-93ECORE (1-855-933-2673).