D2L Non-Graded Activities

Non-Graded Activities Questions:

How do I create surveys within Brightspace by D2L?

This tool allows you to create surveys with branching so that students only answer the questions that are most appropriate for them. Instructors can view the survey data from within Brightspace by D2L.

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How do I take attendance within Brightspace by D2L?

Brightspace by D2L has an attendance tool, but this tool does not automatically connect to the gradebook. Instructors may choose to input the total attendance as a grade item in the gradebook manually, however. With this attendance tool, instructors will need input each day the attendance is taken. Instead of using actual dates, it is suggested to use "Day 1," "Day 2," etc. so that the attendance scheme can be easily copied over to future shells.

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How do I use the awards tool within Brightspace by D2L?

The awards tool allows instructors to create badges or certificates within D2L. These awards can be associated to grade items or activities within D2L (quizzes, discussions, assignments). Based upon student performance, the award can automatically be released to students or the instructor can assign the awards manually. These awards can be shared to the D2L profile of the student.

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How do I create self-assessments within Brightspace by D2L?

The self-assessment tool allows students to check their knowledge after reviewing content but before a graded quiz. Self-assessments cannot be associated to grade items in the gradebook. The purpose is to give formative feedback. The instructor can track if the student opened the self-assessment, however.

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