Course Program of Study (CPoS)

The Department of Education requires that students receive financial aid only for courses that are required for their Program of Study. These rules can impact the amount of aid you receive. Beginning in the Summer 2024 semester, Gordon State College is implementing a program that will assist us in monitoring what classes a student is enrolled in to make sure we are following these rules. This program is referred to as Course Program of Study (CPoS). With the implementation of this program, if a student is not enrolled in classes that count toward their degree, the amount they receive in scholarships, loans and grants could be impacted.

Taking courses that are not required as a part of your program of study could result in receiving less federal financial aid and potentially having to pay for courses out-of-pocket. 

You may rely on your advisor and Degree Works to help you determine what courses you need. If you register for courses that are NOT required for your degree, you will receive an email notification and you should work with your advisor to adjust your schedule. 

You should review your Degree Works audit to obtain your advisor's name and determine what courses are being used toward your program of study.

Please know that you should review your audit in Degree Works after you register and after grades are posted each semester to check for changes in the placement of courses that may impact your financial aid.  

By enrolling in only classes that are required for your Program of Study, you will reach your goal of graduation sooner!


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