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What is the Gordon State College Federal School Code?

001575 is the school code for Gordon State College.

Do I Have to Reapply for Financial Aid Every Year?

Yes. To receive federal financial aid, a FASFA must be completed every year.

Does Financial Aid Transfer Between Schools?

No. A student must apply for financial aid at the school he or she will be attending by adding the Federal School Code to your FASFA.

How do I Know if my Documents Have Been Received?

You can view your award status in your Banner Web account. After logging in, click on the "Financial Aid" link, then "My Eligibility", then "Student Requirements", then "Select Aid Year". You can view which requirements have been received and which are still outstanding. 

How Will I know When I Have Been Awarded Financial Aid?

You can view your award status in your Banner Web Account. After logging in, click on the "Financial Aid" link, then "My Award Information", then "Award By Aid Year", then "Award Overview".

Can I Get the HOPE Scholarship as a Transient Student at Gordon State College?

Students who are eligible for the HOPE scholarship at your current institution may be eligible to receive payment for your classes at Gordon. In order to determine your eligibility for payment, you must have your current institution submit a HOPE Scholarship Eligibility Certificate for Transient Study to the Gordon College Registrar's Office.

What Happens When I Withdraw From a Class or Classes?

If you withdraw from a class or classes after the drop/add period, the hours you withdraw from will count as attempted hours for financial aid purposes.  Your financial aid award will not be adjusted and you will not be required to pay any money back to Gordon College. However, this could negatively impact your financial aid eligibility in the future. For more information on this, refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy (SAP) on our website.

The hours also count towards HOPE checkpoints. HOPE is based on attempted hours, not earned hours.

If you totally withdraw from school (after the semester has begun) and received financial aid during that semester, you may owe some money back to either Gordon College and/or the appropriate federal or state agency.


For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid at or by phone at (678)359-5990. 

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