What is the Impact on Your Financial Aid?

You may only receive federal financial aid for outstanding coursework that counts towards your declared program of study.  As of now, state and institutional aid (such as scholarships) are not subject to the same federal regulatory restrictions; however, your cost of attendance will be based on coursework that applies to your declared program of study.  This could result in a reduced amount of state or institutional aid as total aid cannot exceed the cost of attendance.  Dropping or not attending courses (W or WF grades) can negatively impact your eligibility for current or future aid.

Financial aid is initially awarded based on the assumption undergraduate students will enroll full-time in courses that are part of the declared program of study.

Enrollment Status Types Credit Hours
Full time 12+ credits/semester
Three-quarter time 9-11 credits/semester
Half time 6-8 credits/semester
Less than half time 1-5 credits/semester

If your federal financial aid is reduced due to enrollment in coursework that does not count towards your declared program of study, you should review the program requirements in degree works and adjust your schedule; or, contact your academic to discuss your academic options. 


  • If you are eligible for a Pell Grant and enroll in 12 hours and only 9 of the 12 hours are required towards your declared program of study, the Pell Grant will be reduced to a three-quarter award based on the 9 eligible hours. You may still be eligible to receive full time scholarship and/or Georgia state grant or scholarship funds.
  • Federal student loans for undergraduate students require 6 eligible hours of enrollment or 5 eligible hours for graduate students. If you are enrolled in 5 hours and only 3 hours are required for your program of study, you are not eligible for a federal student loan.

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