Banner Web 8 Registration

To access Banner Web for Students:

Click on Banner Web located at the bottom footer of any web page on the Gordon website.

To log into Banner Web for Students:

  1. Enter your Gordon College ID Number (GCID#) in the User ID block (Follow these links to look up your GCID# on the Gordon State College website: > My Gordon > Lookup My GCID#)
  2. Enter your PIN*

    *For your first login to Banner Web, follow the instructions located under the Information Technology Orientation website at under "How do I access Banner Web?"

  3. Click on the login button

What if I forget my PIN?

If you forget the Permanent PIN you selected during your first login, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Gordon College ID Number (GCID#) in the User ID field on the Banner Login screen.
  2. Then, click the forgotpin button.
  3. Answer the security question displayed on the screen, then click the submitans_1 button.
  4. Enter a new 6-digit Permanent PIN. Re-enter this six-digit number. Click the resetpin_1 button. Your PERMANENT PIN is reset to this six-digit number. Use this number for all future logins to BANNER WEB FOR STUDENTS.

Register (add/drop) for classes:

  1. Choose the Student link in Banner Web for Students
  2. Choose the Registration link
  3. Choose the Add/Drop Classes link
  4. If prompted, select appropriate Term and click Submit Term button
  5. Enter CRNs (Course Reference Numbers) for your classes and click Submit Changes or click Class Search to locate classes
  6. When complete, click on Registration Fee Assessment and use the Student Detail Schedule or Student Schedule by Day & Time to review your schedule. At the bottom of the Student Detail Schedule is important information regarding your fees and payment deadlines. Be sure to print this page.

If you have any suggestions to make web registration better, please email us at

Message to students authorized to register online:

By registering yourself for classes, you are assuming total responsibility for your progress toward graduation. Use the Gordon State College Catalog to verify the courses required for the degree you have selected. Any changes you make from your adviser's recommended course selections may affect your progress toward graduation. Errors in course selection will not be considered substitutions for courses required for your degree.