Banner Web Registration

To access Banner Web for Students:

Click on Banner Web located at the bottom footer of any web page on the Gordon website.

To log into Banner Web for Students:

  1. Enter your Single Sign-on User ID and Password.  You may reset your password at

Register (add/drop) classes:

  1. Login to Banner Web
  2. Select Registration
  3. Select Prepare for Registration
  4. Select the appropriate Registration Term
  5. Select Register for Classes
  6. To Add Classes, you can enter the course subject and number and search classes to add.  Click on the "Add" button when you find the desired Class. 
  7. To Drop Classes, in the Summary Box at the bottom of your screen, change the Action of the desired course from Web Registered to Drop/Delete. 
  8. Submit your Changes.

Detailed instructions regarding Banner 9 Self-Service Registration can be found in A Step by Step Guide to Registering for Classes with Banner 9 Self-Service. Please contact your advisor with any questions regarding your schedule.  Please contact the Registrar's Office at with any questions regarding the Registration process.

By registering yourself for classes, you are assuming total responsibility for your progress toward graduation. Use the Gordon State College Catalog to verify the courses required for the degree you have selected. Any changes you make from your adviser's recommended course selections may affect your progress toward graduation. Errors in course selection will not be considered substitutions for courses required for your degree.