Academic Renewal Board of Regents Academic and Student Affairs Handbook Policy 2.5.1

The Academic Renewal Policy of the University System of Georgia allows degree-seeking students who have experienced academic difficulty to make a fresh start on the academic grade point average (GPA) after an absence from Gordon State College of at least five calendar years. Students who wish to seek Academic Renewal must submit an application for Academic Renewal to the Registrar's Office within three semesters of re-enrollment or within one calendar year, whichever comes first. Applications for Academic Renewal are available in the Registrar's Office. Students who have been suspended from Gordon State College and who have attended another University System of Georgia institution during the suspension period are not eligible for Academic Renewal.

For students approved for Academic Renewal, an Academic Renewal GPA is calculated using only coursework taken since re-enrollment after a five year or longer absence from Gordon State College. After Academic Renewal is granted, the Academic Renewal GPA is used for determining academic standing and eligibility for graduation from the term of re-enrollment forward. To graduate from Gordon, a student must meet Gordon's residency requirement for graduation after acquiring Academic Renewal. To be eligible for honors at graduation, at least 50% of coursework toward the degree must be completed at Gordon after acquiring Academic Renewal.

All previous courses, including transfer coursework earned before the five year absence from Gordon, remain on the student's record with Academic Renewal indicated by the # symbol posted with each affected grade. Credit for previously completed coursework is retained for courses with a grade of A#, B#, or C#. Courses with D#, F#, or WF# grades must be repeated at Gordon if required for the degree. Students who receive Academic Renewal are not eligible for transient study.

Students who have attended another school during the five year absence from Gordon have two options regarding Academic Renewal and transfer credit:

  1. Receive transfer credit for all applicable courses taken during the absence from Gordon and forfeit Academic Renewal. OR
  2. Forfeit transfer credit and apply for Academic Renewal. If Academic Renewal is approved, no transfer credit will be granted for coursework completed during the five year absence from Gordon.

Receiving Academic Renewal has no effect on eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship program or on financial aid requirements regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Receiving Academic Renewal does not supersede the admissions requirements of any program which requires a specific minimum GPA based upon all coursework. Re-entry into any program after receiving Academic Renewal is not automatic.

All academic standings which occurred in the past remain recorded on the student's permanent record. Students who encounter subsequent academic difficulty and are suspended after receiving Academic Renewal may be subject to permanent dismissal from Gordon State College.

A student can be granted Academic Renewal only one time.

For further information, contact the Registrar's Office in Lambdin Hall, Room 126 or by phone at 678. 359. 5022.