Registration Information

Registration For Continuing and Readmitted Students

Registration Step-by-Step

  • STEP 1 - Look up your registration information
  • STEP 2 - See your adviser before you register
  • STEP 3 - Register for classes
  • STEP 4 - Pay your fees by the payment deadline

STEP 1 - Look Up Your Registration Information

Registration information is available through your Banner Web account.

Login to Banner Web:

  1. From the Student Services Landing Page, select Registration
  2. Select Prepare for Registration
  3. Select the appropriate Term
  4. View Registration Status Information

STEP 2 - See Your Adviser Before You Register

All currently enrolled and readmitted students must see their academic advisor before registering for classes. Contact your advisor during office hours to schedule an advisement appointment. If you are eligible to self register your advisor will remove your advisement hold during your advisement appointment.


STEP 3 - Register for Classes

Once advised and unlocked, all currently enrolled and returning students are eligible to self-register.  Students will register utilizing Banner 9 Self-Service Registration. 

Click here for instructions on how to register using Banner 9 Self-Registration

Students may review the Waitlist Registration Guide for more detailed information regarding waitlisting.



STEP 4 - Pay Your Fees by the Payment Deadline

Pay your fees by the required payment deadline to guarantee your schedule. Your payment deadline is included on your Student Detail Schedule in Banner Web. Unpaid schedules will be dropped after the payment deadline.