Severe Weather

Public Safety in conjunction with other authorities will monitor the National Weather Service and Department of Transportation for severe weather updates. The public information specialist and the Public Safety Department will initiate notifications when severe weather is expected to impact the campus. When such threatening weather conditions exist, persons should take action and instruct others to do the same.

A. In the Event of a Tornado, Thunderstorm, or Severe Wind

  • TORNADO / THUNDERSTORM / WINDS "WATCH": indicates that atmospheric conditions are conducive for the development of the stated warning. Normal operations will continue and employees will closely monitor changing weather conditions while being prepared to take action if necessary.
  • TORNADO / THUNDERSTORM / WINDS "WARNING": indicates that the hazardous condition stated has been identified on radar or sited. When these conditions threaten the campus, electronic as well as outdoor broadcast notifications will be made by Gordon State College to the campus community.
  1. Take cover and instruct others to do the same. Find an interior wall of a building away from windows and exterior doors.
  2. Curl up in a "ball" or fetal position near the wall and place hands over the head. Remain in this position until the severe weather passes.
  3. Do not initiate a building evacuation during these circumstances. If fire is not present and a clear exit is maintained, everyone should remain indoors until the severe weather passes.

B. In the Event of Snow, Ice, or Flooding

  • Snow, ice and/or flooding can make travel to and from campus hazardous. When potential or actual conditions develop that would make travel to and from campus hazardous, the following procedure will be followed:
  • The President will determine if operations are to be suspended. If they are to be suspended, Core Support Staff will be notified and the Public Information Specialist will initiate campus notifications via GCENS, the website, and local media.
  • Public Safety will initiate steps to secure the campus.