Medical or Psychological Emergency

A medical emergency is where an individual may be sick or injured and there is an immediate concern to aid the person. A psychological emergency exists when an individual is threatening to harm themselves or others, or does not have a clear perception of reality.

  1. In the Event of a Medical Emergency
    • Ask the victim if he or she is OK. Check for breathing.
    • Have someone call Public Safety at 678-359-5111 or 5111 by campus phone.
    • Stay with the victim until emergency personnel arrive. Administer first aid and/or CPR to the fullest extent possible if needed.
    • Inform other staff as needed, and contact family members of the victim if known.
  2. In the Event of a Psychological Crisis
    • If you encounter someone experiencing a psychological emergency, do not attempt to handle the potentially dangerous situation alone.
    • Notify Public Safety at 678-359-5111 or 5111 by campus phone.
    • The safety of the person in crisis and those around him/her should be of first concern. Public safety will work closely with campus counseling professionals when necessary.
    • Anyone experiencing a severe psychological emergency or crisis should report to the nearest hospital emergency room or contact the Gordon State College Counseling Center at 678-359-5221 or 678-359-5326.