LPN-RN Bridge Program



To be eligible for admission the LPN-RN Bridge Program, applicants must meet the same general admission criteria required for the regular 2-year ASN. In addition, LPNs are required to have ONE YEAR of clinical practice experience as a licensed LPN and must successfully pass the LPN Validation Test, and a skills (lab) test before final acceptance is granted.

The Gordon State College LPN-RN Bridge program begins in August of each year and runs three concurrent semesters (Fall, Spring and Fall).

Applications for the Fall 2024 LPN-RN Cohort will be available online beginning March 1, 2024- April 1, 2024.





The official means of communication is Gordon Sate College e-mail. Please check your GSC e-mail frequently for correspondence with the nursing department about your nursing application.


* Application Due 04/01/2024

* Kaplan Nursing Admission Test (KNAT) dates sent to students via GSC email by 4/15/2024

* Kaplan exams will be completed by 4/29/2024

* Decision emails will be sent to students via GSC email by 05/06/2024

The admissions process is tedious and lengthy. Please do not call or email the Nursing office inquiring about your application. Applicants will be notified by their GORDON email. If you have any questions regarding advisement, please contact your academic adviser.


  1. Conditional/unconditional acceptance to Gordon State College
  2. Be in good standing at Gordon State College and/or at other institutions attended
  3. Minimum overall 2.5 GPA
    1. A grade of C or better in all other required core courses.
    2. Students who have a D in one previous nursing course may apply to the program; however, that grade will be added into the calculation of the overall GPA
    3. Area F Sciences (A&P I, A&P II, and Microbiology) must be LESS than 5 years old. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Fall 2024 cohort sciences must be Fall 2018 to current.)
  4. Successfully complete the KNAT (Refer to Admission Test Requirements)
  5. Exemption from or completion of all Learning Support Classes, College Preparatory Courses and institutional requirements.
  6. Department recommends completing 75-80% of Core Curriculum prior to applying to the LPN-RN BRIDGE program.
  7. Submission of ONE recommendation form completed by a professor, instructor, and/or employer.
  8. Not failed two (2) or more nursing courses in any nursing program with a grade of "D" including an LPN program.
  9. Not failed any nursing course with a grade of "F" in any nursing program, including an LPN program.
  10. Able to meet Technical Standards.
  11. Successful completion and the passing of the LPN Validation Test and the Skills (Lab) Test. For applicants who received a conditional acceptance to the nursing program. These tests are administered during the summer semester proceeding the fall semester start term. Passage of all tests is required for final acceptance.
  12. In addition to the admission requirements listed, you must have a minimum of one-year work experience practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse in a medical facility.
  13. Hold a current valid Georgia license as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Application to the Nursing program includes:

  1. A completed online application for your chosen program of study
  2. ONE recommendation form completed by a professor or employer emailed to nursing@gordonstate.edu and submitted by the application deadline
  3. If previously was admitted to an RN OR LPN program and was not successful in completing the program, you must submit (2) completed reference forms. (LINK TO FORM)
  4. All transcripts from other schools attended submitted to Admissions by the application deadline

** Recommendation letters will not be accepted after the application deadline.

*** Applications will not be considered if the applicant has not submitted ALL transcripts and acquired admission to the college by the application deadline.

**** If using recommendation letters or KNAT scores from previous applications, the student must notify the department at nursing@gordonstate.edu at time of application.