Residence Hall Work Order Requests

Housing and Residence Life encourages every resident student to take an active interest in the safety and upkeep of his/her community living environment. As appropriate, resident students are afforded the opportunity of noting concerns in and around the residence halls by completing work order forms related to the facilities.

Facility Work Orders pertain to the physical structure of a building (lobbies, hallways, rooms, bathrooms, and laundry areas). These forms are to be completed when something in or around the residence halls need to be corrected or modified. Typically, work orders for resident's rooms will be completed by the individuals residing in the room. Work orders for public areas (lobbies, hallways, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, etc.) should be completed by the Housing and Residence Life staff within assigned residence halls.

 Submit a Facility Work Order Online

 Directions for completing Work Order Request Forms are listed below:

  1. Click the link for the online work order form.
  2. Fill in the blanks with the required information and review for accuracy.
  3. Submit once completed and allow reasonable time for completion.
  4. Follow-up with the Facilities Department (678-359-5103) as appropriate if work is not satisfactory.

Laundry Machine Work Orders

Laundry Machine Services are provided by CALDWELL & GREGORY.

Any Resident can and should submit a work order by:
• Calling - 877.926.3433
• Emailing -

 Laundry Tips

Internet and Wi-Fi Work Orders

Residents with internet or Wi-Fi related issues should contact the IT Department at 678-359-5008.
The IT Department is located in the Instructional Complex, Room 118.