Residence Hall Work Order Requests

The Office of Residence Life encourages every resident student to take an active interest in the safety and upkeep of his/her community living environment. As appropriate, resident students are afforded the opportunity of noting concerns in and around the residence halls by completing work order forms related to the facilities, telephones, and/or, cable connections.

Directions for completing Work Order Request Forms are listed below:

  1. Review the information related to each work order request type below.
  2. Select the link for the desired work order request.
  3. Fill in the blanks with the required information, reviewing for accuracy.
  4. Click the submit button once completed, print the confirmation note.
  5. Follow-up with the Office of Residence Life as appropriate if work is not satisfactory.

What type of Work Order Request would you like to make?

Facility Work Orders

Facility Work Orders pertain to the physical structure of a building (lobbies, hallways, rooms, bathrooms, and laundry areas). These forms are to be completed when something in or around the residence halls need to be corrected or modified. Typically, work orders for resident's rooms will be completed by the individuals residing in the room. Work orders for public areas (lobbies, hallways, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, etc.) should be completed by the Residence Life staff within assigned residence halls.

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Cable Work Orders

Cable Work Orders should be completed by residents when problems with the cable outlet or cable signal are suspected. Residents are encouraged to complete these forms very quickly as repairs for these services are contracted with outside companies such as Charter Communications and Spectrum cable. The television should first be checked for cable readiness, auto programming capabilities, the length of cable cord, etc, before the form is submitted. Residents should remember that response time will vary as repairs are not done internally by the College.

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Telephone Work Orders

Telephone Work Orders are geared towards the communication lines for calling in and out of the room. Residents should complete these forms when problems with telephone jacks need to be corrected or adjusted. Reports should be very prompt and thorough since some telephone services are external to the College and are contracted through AT&T, etc. Additionally, residents should be sure to test the phone noting whether or not it is a cordless/portable which has to be charged properly. Another tip for correct phone service relates to proper connection to data ports in the room. In addition, residents must press "9" before dialing local area codes such as 770, 404, and 678.

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