Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLC) provide an environment where students will approach topics or themes with a group of students who share the same interest. Students can select a topic that mirrors their major, or a theme to round out their educational experiences. The success of a Learning Community depends on the active and positive participation of students living there.

Benefits of joining a Living Learning Community

  • Intentional programming
  • Increased campus connections
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities
  • Increased GPAs through focused tutoring and advisement
  • More likely to graduate

African American Male Initiative (AAMI)

The University System of Georgia’s (USG) African-American Male Initiative (AAMI®) is a system-wide initiative designed to increase the number of students who complete their postsecondary education from any USG institution.

Programming emphasizes an integrated program model for academic, leadership and life skills that aides in successful completion of each academic level and graduation.  Additional emphases will focus on recruiting, retaining and graduating more African-American males to close the postsecondary achievement gap.

Students within the AAMI community will have the opportunity to embrace AAMI’s four key components of: Academic Skills Enrichment, Student Support Services, Adult & Peer Mentoring, and Leadership Development.

First Generation Students

This learning community is for students who identify as "first generation."  Being a first-gen student means that your parent(s) did not complete a 4-year college or university degree, regardless of other family member's level of education.

Programming emphasizes uniting, empowering, confidence building and celebrating first generation college students.  Specialized programs and events will include academic workshops, faculty and staff events, on- and off-campus projects (service learning), and residence life interactive activities.  This LLC provides a unique opportunity for first-generation college students to connect on a deeper level in order to enhance academic achievement, increase campus involvement and engage in developmental growth in a structured living learning environment.

Students within this community will receive support in adjusting to the expectations of college life, including social aspects, connecting with other first-generation college students and shared experiences and handling the pressure of being the first in their family to attend college.

Community Aspiring Registered Nurses and Educators (CARE)

Space within this community will be reserved for residential students entering various occupations within the Nursing and Education fields. 


The Nursing Living Learning Community gives students the chance to examine issues relevant to nurses and nursing as a career.  Nursing faculty will collaborate with professionals to provide an overview of issues relevant to nursing education, practice, roles and responsibilities. This LLC is open to anyone, especially those interested in the field of nursing.

Programming emphasizes the exploration of the many facets of the field of Nursing.  Faculty, staff and special guests will host discussions, service projects and social events that will aide in the development of skills needed in the field.

Designed to help prepare nursing students to apply for the Nursing program, students will live and learn with peers and share life-long meaningful experiences and form relationships to last a lifetime.   


The Education Living Learning Community gives first-year education students a unique residential learning experience that connects College of Education faculty and staff members and classroom learning with residence life to ease the transition into the education community and contribute to their success within the College of Education and beyond.

Programming emphasizes the passion for educating the next generation, advancing education and exploring exciting career options. In addition to in-hall discussions and guest speakers, students in the community will have the opportunity to engage in a number of service projects and other special activities by participating in leadership and team-building activities and various social events in and around the college and the local community.

Students will develop relationships with faculty, staff, alumni, and upper-class students to create mentoring connections and resources for navigating their academic journey, including your classes, placements, career goals, and your overall adjustment to college.  Students will live and learn with classmates in the College of Education, share meaningful experiences, nurture belonging, and make lifelong friends.