Information Technology Orientation: Students

Use this site as a one stop shop for finding information about the information technology services available at Gordon State College. Whether you are just getting started at Gordon State College or are a currently attending student, this page will help answer your technology questions.

What is my login information? 

As a student, you will have two major logins: (1) your 929 number, (2) your Gordon username. If you have a Gordon State ID card, these will be located on the front and back of the card. If you are an accepted student, you can also look them up here:

Accessing BannerWeb

Students will use BannerWeb to:

  • Register for classes/View their schedule
  • Make online payments
  • Accept financial aid
  • View final grades
  • Use DegreeWorks, allowing them to see the courses they need to take based upon major
  • Set up FERPA code
  • Access eRezLife to apply for housing

To access BannerWeb, student will need to scroll to the bottom of the Gordon State website and choose "BannerWeb". User ID will be the student's 929 number. The student will then need to choose "Forgot Pin" and answer the security question. This will prompt the student to set up a 6 digit/number pin. The student will then log into BannerWeb using their 929 number (User ID) and the pin they established.

Setting up FERPA Code

Students may choose to set up a FERPA code so that others (parents, spouse, etc.) can talk to Gordon employees regarding their student record. This is a one-time set up, but can be changed or revoked in the Registrar's Office.

To setup the FERPA code:

  • Log into BannerWeb (at the bottom of the Gordon State webpage)
  • Choose Student
  • FERPA Code
  • Input a 4 digit FERPA Code and provide that to your spouse/parent, etc.

Setting up Gordon Email

Your Gordon email will be the official source of communication at Gordon State. You will need to check it every day. Your Gordon email will be comprised of your Gordon email username. For example, if you username is as123456, your email would be Your Gordon username will be located on the back of your Gordon State College ID card.

To setup your Gordon email password:

  • Go to this page:
  • Input in your Gordon username (on the back of your ID card). Most of the time this will be your first and last initial and the last 6 digits of your 929 number.
  • Answer the security question
  • Create a new password. The password must have:
    • Uppercase letters
    • Lowercase letters
    • Numbers or symbols
    • At least 10 characters
    • Cannot have your name

Make sure you see the "successfully reset message". Wait 3-5 minutes and you should be able to log into your Gordon email.

Logging into Gordon email using Duo Mobile

  • Go to the bottom of the Gordon State webpage
  • Choose "Gordon email"
  • Input your Gordon email and password

The first time logging into your Gordon email, you will be asked to set up multi-factor authentication. This process requires that you input your password into the screen, but also receive a notification to your phone via push or text message. This double authentication is used for security purposes.

This document will provide instructions on how to set up Duo on your personal device (phone): The document provides the steps for (1) downloading the Duo Mobile app and having it send you a push notification, (2) not downloading the Duo Mobile app and receiving a text message instead. While the Duo push notification is probably the easiest, if you do not have a smartphone, you would want to use the text message option.

You might also choose to download the Microsoft Outlook app and log in so that your email will be accessible via your mobile device.

Connecting to Gordon Wireless

Students can register up to four devices to Gordon-WiFi. They will need to set up their Gordon email information first, however.

Clich here to view WiFi Connectivity Instructions

Downloading Office 365

Students can download Office 365 on up to 5 devices. On the first day of class, they can download the software using their Gordon email. Go to, log in with your Gordon credentials and follow the instructions provided.

Accessing Brightspace by D2L

Students can access their courses in Brightspace by D2L on the first official day of class. Access D2L by going to the Gordon website, scroll to the bottom, and choose Brightspace by D2L (or click here). Students should log in with their Gordon email username and password. Students will not see their courses in D2L until the first official start date of the class.

Contacting the IT Department

Students may contact the IT Department at:

  • 678-359-5008
  • Instructional Complex Building, Room 118