How to Get Involved and Engaged

The typical college student spends 15-20 hours each week in the classroom, and between 80-100 hours in his or her residence. That's a lot of time! At Gordon State College, we consider that time to be a golden opportunity to expand our on-campus students' college experience through a variety of interactive programs.

In addition to the events planned by the Office of Campus Life, Resident Directors and Community Leaders plan many activities during the week and on the weekends for the residence halls' student body.

Campus Living Programming

EDGE Model

The Highlander E.D.G.E. is the advantage that students will have for career success, enlightened living, and community leadership with "the EDGE".

  • Engaged Innovators

  • Dedicated Scholars

  • Gifted Communicators

  • Ethical Leaders


The L.A.N.D.E.R.S programming model is designed specifically to provide opportunities for residents to get involved with a variety of programs and events. The L.A.N.D.E.R.S program focuses on the following areas:

  • L - Leisure/Lifestyle (Social)
  • A - Active (Wellness/Nutrition)
  • N - Newsflash (Recent News and Events)
  • D - Diversity and Cultural
  • E - Environment (Sustainability/Economic)
  • R - Relationships (Interpersonal and Intrapersonal)
  • S - Service/Supportive (Volunteer/Service Oriented)

Campus Life and Events