Personal Safety for Women

Gordon State College conducts R.A.D. training to educate the local college community by increasing personnel security awareness for women. The Basic Physical Defense Program for Women is based on a four-pronged theory of Alertness, Prevention, Precaution, and Preparation. Students are educated on sexual assault using this theory, and they learn how to determine risk factors in their lives. Students also learn how to lessen their chances of becoming a victim.

Public Safety has taught Women's Self Defense for fifteen years and incorporated the R.A.D. program for the past four years. We discuss vehicle, home and campus safety. Our program does not cover any one self-defense item, but we cover common, available items that can be used as defense tools. The educated mind is your greatest weapon.

This program is open to students, faculty, staff and local organizations who may contact the Public Safety Department at 678.359.5101.