Dual Enrollment - FAQ

Note: The information below concerning Dual Enrollment funding is current and is subject to changes made by the Georgia State Legislature on a year-to-year basis.

I have applied to the college as a Dual Enrollment student. What are my next steps?

Follow these steps:

  1. Consult with your high school counselor to decide what courses you need to take to complete your graduation requirements, figure your high school schedule demands for the next term, and decide which college courses would be best for you to take.
  2. Contact your college advisor by phone or email to schedule a meeting as soon as possible.   The advisor’s name is on your acceptance letter from the college. Contact information is available on the college web page under Quick Links, Faculty Credentials and Web Pages.
  3. You will need to meet with your college advisor, who will discuss your academic plans and course schedule and give you instructions on other college business you will need to complete.

Do I need to go to orientation?

You should not attend a New Student Orientation. These sessions are intended for students who have completed high school. You will be contacted about an orientation for dual enrollment students.

Are there any costs for the program?

As a dual enrollment student, approved courses and required textbooks are paid for through the GSFC (Georgia Student Finance Corporation) up to the 30 credit hour cap. Any courses taken beyond the 30 hours must be paid by the student. There are some fees that colleges are allowed to charge according to the guidelines for dual enrollment.  Although Gordon State College strives to keep costs as low as possible, lab fees for science classes, lab manuals, as well other consumables (lab equipment or other classroom supplies) will be charged. 

I have checked my account in Banner and see a large balance!  Why?

If the high school counselor has submitted the necessary information online and the student has met with the college advisor, there will be a time lag between registering for classes and the application of dual enrollment funds to your account.  If the Financial Aid office is unable to apply the funds before the payment deadline, your class schedule will be held for you. 

Is the cost of my textbook(s) covered?

The cost of required textbooks are covered as well as required computer access codes. You will be required to return the textbooks in good condition at the end of the term.

Do I need a college ID or a parking permit?

Every dual enrollment student must have a Gordon State College ID.  You can obtain your ID and your parking permit (permit needed only if you are taking classes on the main campus) at a dual enrollment orientation.

For a parking permit, you will need to know your license tag number and the make, model, and color of the car you will be driving.

What is the best way to communicate with my professors and advisor when I am not on campus?

Phone calls to their campus office are always appropriate, and you should communicate with them.  In addition, all Gordon State College students are required to use their Gordon email, as that is the primary way for the professors, advisors, Financial Aid, and other college offices to communicate with students.  Check your Gordon email several times a week.

How will my high school know what grade(s) I received at the college?

You are responsible for communicating that information in a timely manner each semester.  Grades are posted on the Tuesday after final exam week.  Go to your Banner account, print out your grades for the semester, and take the printout to your high school counselor right away.

My first semester at Gordon State College will be this fall.  What do I need to do for the spring semester?

You will need to meet with your high school counselor and your college advisor in October to work out schedule details for the spring.  Your advisor can register you for classes during the Early Registration period, when there are plenty of seats in classes and scheduling is much easier.  Take advantage!  For the spring semester you will need to reapply for the program by completing the online Dual Enrollment Application.