Management and Administration

Bachelors of Science in Management and Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Management and Administration at Gordon State College is designed to prepare the student for a career in management. This program focuses on managerial functions, processes, and skills and equips the student to effectively respond to complex organizational challenges. Featuring courses in Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Management Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Managerial Marketing, International Management, and Service Management, the BSMA is designed to prepare the student to guide the new business venture, a major corporation, public service agency, or nonprofit organization through ever-changing cultures and environments.

The Bachelor of Science in Management and Administration (BSMA) requires students to complete coursework which will uniquely integrate a business oriented core with the liberal arts and sciences. Specifically, our program will require a core of 21 hours in the key areas of management, finance, marketing, economics, and technology alongside 15 hours of electives that include courses related to psychology, sociology, communication, and human services. Toward the end of their course of studies, students will complete a capstone experience, embodying either an internship or a research project and submit a portfolio. This capstone experience will be developed throughout the junior and senior years, demonstrating the ability to integrate management and public service concepts and practices, including examples of communication skills in diverse areas of written, verbal, and visual communication, and developing self-actualization skills enabling them to maximize their potential in the labor market.

Advisement Worksheet

Management and Administration Advisement Worksheet (pdf)

Please download and print out this advisement worksheet and review all requirements before your initial meeting with your advisor. Hold on to this worksheet for future planning.