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Health Information Management

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management**

**This Program has been deactivated and is currently in a teach-out. We are no longer accepting students into this Major.

The mission of Gordon State College's Health Information Management program (HIM) is to provide students with a quality education, a desire to learn, and the knowledge and skills required by entry-level health information informatics management professionals in health care environments.

The Bachelor of Science with major in Health Information Management degree program in health services and informatics management prepares the student for a professional career as a member of the health care team. The HIM professional is responsible for obtaining statistical information, maintaining the confidentiality of the medical record, and maintaining compliance in all medical code assignments. As a health care professional, the HIM professional is required to adhere to the code of ethics as set forth by the American Health Information Management Association.

Advisement Worksheet for Bachelor's of Science in Health Information Management

Nursing and Allied Health Sciences Building
Nursing and Allied Health Sciences Building

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

  • ACCT 2101
  • BIOL 2210
  • BIOL 2211
  • HIM 2000
  • BUSA 2101 or CSCI 1101
  • MATH 2101
  • MGNT 3000
  • MGNT 3100
  • MGNT 3200
  • HIM 3000
  • HIM 3110
  • HIM 4070
  • HIM 3230
  • HIM 3410
  • HIM 3420
  • HIM 3430
  • HIM 4140
  • HIM 3030
  • HIM 4130
  • HIM 4240
  • HIM 4110
  • HIM 4020
  • HIM 4190

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