eMajor- Criminal Justice (BSCJ)

The online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ) degree is a collaborative University System of Georgia (USG) eMajor program available through Gordon State College and designed to meet the needs of hard-working individuals trying to rise in the ranks of the criminal justice system. The BSCJ degree is designed to prepare students for employment or advancement within the criminal justice system by providing a foundation of the knowledge, principles, theories, and functions common to the American criminal justice system. Offered entirely online, the program is ideal for those who need to balance work and family responsibilities with their pursuit of higher education.

eMajor courses are taught entirely online in an asynchronous format. Students are not required to log in for assigned class times, which means students can complete their work on lunch breaks, on the weekends, or any time that fits around their work and family commitments. Courses are offered in accelerated 8-week formats to add additional flexibility for busy lifestyles.

eMajor tuition is offered at one low rate of $199 per credit hour and is the same for students at all
participating institutions. As a University System of Georgia program, tuition is also eligible to be covered by the system’s Tuition Assistance Program for campus safety employees across the state.

Core Areas A-F (60 Hours)
Choose 13 Courses (39 Hours)
CRJU 3100 Criminal Law
CRJU 3110 Criminal Procedures
CRJU 3200 Criminology
CRJU 3300 Corrections
CRJU 3700 Research Methodology
CRJU 4700 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
CRJU 4800 Senior Capstone


Choose 13 Courses (39 Hours) Total 120 Hours

CRJU 3250 Crime and Media                                    CRJU 4300 Community Corrections 
CRJU 3350 Drugs in America                                   CRJU 4350 Family Violence 
CRJU 3400 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice             CRJU 4500 Management of Forensics
CRJU 3500 Criminal Investigations                           CRJU 4600 Police Problems and Practices 
CRJU 3501 Criminal Investigations II                        POLS 3100 Constitutional Law
CRJU 3600 Criminal Justice Administration                PSYC 3850 Forensic Psychology
CRJU 3710 Special Topics in Criminal Justice             SOCI 3800 Development of Criminal Behavior
CRJU 3800 Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice        SJUS 3000 Introduction to Social Justice 
CRJU 3810 Victimology                                           SJUS 4000 Social Justice Culture 
CRJU 4000 Internship in Criminal Justice                  SJUS 3050 Politics of Social Justice 
CRJU 4110 Law of Criminal Evidence                        SJUS 4050 Law and Social Justice 
CRJU 4200 Profiling Serial Offenders                        SJUS 4800 Social Justice Policy Analysis 
CRJU 4210 Terrorism and the Criminal Justice System