MGNT 4900 Senior Capstone Seminar

The Senior Capstone Seminar provides a forum for carrying out the Bachelor of Science in Management and Administration (BSMA) degree requirement for a capstone project in a rigorous, organized, academic and intellectual framework. The seminar is completed during a student's final semester of the BSMA program at Gordon State. Students are encouraged to apply for graduation in the semester before graduation to ensure their eligibility to enroll in the seminar.

A variety of capstone options are available to best fit students' academic interests, current employment, and career aspirations. To satisfy students' diverse interests and needs, the capstone project can be either a supervised internship experience or a research project, flexible in format and carried out under the guidance of a faculty member. Students have the option of completing an internship during the summer and completing the capstone seminar in the following fall semester. In addition to the capstone project, students will participate in regular meetings of the capstone seminar which will pursue the following objectives:

  • Examine capstone projects in the context of the BSMA Program's core concepts.
  • Demonstrate analytic and communications skills at the baccalaureate level.
  • Refine self-actualization proficiencies promoting academic and professional success.
  • Prepare the capstone portfolio required for the BSMA degree.

Prior to the start of the semester, students will choose either the research or the internship option. Students choosing the internship option must arrange an internship in accordance with the guidelines set by Gordon State College for students seeking academic credit through any professional internship program (see link below).

Students choosing the research option should explore possible topics and formats prior to the start of the semester, settling on a general topic and securing a faculty sponsor for the project. During the first three weeks of the semester, research students will submit to the class instructor an agreement, signed by the research sponsor, specifying the scope of the research and as well as the guidance to be provided by the sponsor.

To be admitted to the seminar, students are required to discuss the capstone options with the Capstone Seminar faculty coordinator one semester prior to being enrolled in MGNT 4900.

Please select links below for the option guidelines:

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