Traffic Codes

The traffic codes and safety regulations of Gordon State College are intended to facilitate movement on campus for all individuals. The safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus is a priority of the Gordon State College Police Department through control of the operation and parking of motor vehicles.

The following are violations of the Gordon State College motor vehicle regulations:

Invalid/Expired $10.00
Loading & Unloading 15 Minute Parking Only $15.00
Improper Parking $25.00
Obstructing Traffic $25.00
Parked in Faculty/Staff Space $25.00
Parked in Handicap Space or Unloading $50.00
Parked in Tow Away Zone $25.00
Parked in visitor space $25.00
Parked Beside Yellow Curb $25.00
Moving Violation $25.00
Parked at Summersfield - No Student Parking Posted $25.00
Failure to Obey Lawful Direction of Police Officer $30.00
Warning $0.00


Failure to pay fines in a timely manner will result in them being turned over to collections.


Individuals who have received three (3) citations and have neglected to respond either by appeal or payment will be placed on a tow/immobilization list. A fourth citation will result in the vehicle being towed or immobilized by a car boot. All fines must be paid before a vehicle is released. The college reserves the right to impound any vehicle parked in a manner dangerous to vehicular or pedestrian traffic or otherwise in violation of college traffic regulations. The owner is responsible for all costs involved in removing, impounding, and storing such vehicles.


Any faculty, staff or student who receives a traffic/parking ticket has the right of appeal. Persons dissatisfied with a ticket must file an appeal through the Student Affairs Office (appeal forms can be obtained at Public Safety or Student Affairs) within ten (10) business days of the alleged violation. The Office of the Dean of Students will review all appeals. Relief will be given only in extreme circumstances. IGNORANCE OF THE REGULATIONS IS NO EXCUSE.

Please Note

  • The owner or registrant of a vehicle is responsible for all citations issued against that vehicle whether or not they committed the violation. When a vehicle has been loaned to another person and is subsequently given a ticket, the person who was driving the vehicle at the time it was ticketed should pay the fine. However, the person to whom the vehicle is registered will be held accountable.
  • It is impossible to determine whether or not a ticket was on the vehicle when the driver returned. A presumption will, therefore, govern the case: A TICKET PLACED ON A VEHICLE IS PRESENT WHEN THE DRIVER RETURNS.
  • The fact that illegal parking was brief does not serve as an excuse or a special or unusual circumstance.
  • The fact that an operator has parked illegally in the past without receiving a ticket does not constitute an excuse or a special or unusual circumstance.