Workers' Compensation

All employees of the university are covered by the provisions of the Georgia Workers' Compensation Act. This act provides payments for medical and hospital expenses, temporary or permanent disability compensation and death benefits in the event an employee is injured or killed in an accident while performing his or her official duties. Should an accident occur on the job, the employee should report the accident as soon as possible to their supervisor and their supervisor should make arrangement to report the accident or injury. The report must be completed even if medical treatment is not required. Failure to report the accident promptly could result in failure to receive benefits. 

Reporing Employee Accidents/Injuries (Manager Resource):

When one of your employees has an accident and/or is injured while at work please follow the directions below (or designate someone--such as an admin assistant--from your office to do so):

 Situation A

An accident occurred but employee does not appear to need medical care.

  • Complete an Incident Report Form and send to
  • If the situation later changes and the employee does need medical care, just follow the instructions. under Situation B as soon as you are aware of the change (even if it is a few days later).

Situation B

An accident occurred and employee will likely need medical care

  • Complete a Worker’s Comp Accident Report.
  • Call in the Accident Report using the number and Unit ID at the top of the Accident Report.
  • Advise the employee to call the number at the bottom of the Accident Report with their WC Claim # to discuss medical care options. (Of course, in an emergency situation, please call Public Safety and/or 911 first.)
  • Send the completed form to

This process is in addition to any reports that may be filed by Public Safety. If you have questions or run into any issues, please contact Human Resources at 678-359-5011 or


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