Mandatory Employment Training

Staff, Faculty, and Student Workers will be sent instructions to complete the mandatory compliance training within 3 days of employment.  This training is completed in Brightspace by D2L.


The legislature passed a Right-To-Know law that is designed to provide information to public employees about possible exposure to hazardous chemicals in the work place. Part of the law requires the college to provide you training about our Right to Know plan, label systems we use, and how to get more information about a particular chemical. This training must be completed immediately upon hire and once annually.

Motor Vehicle Use Training

Gordon State College employees may have work assignments that involve driving a vehicle to accomplish Institution business. The Motor Vehicle Use Policy was established to set driving qualification standards for USG drivers and requires annual training and other appropriate measures for those employees who may fall outside those standards. Gordon State College employees are expected to perform their duties as safely as possible to insure the protection of themselves, their fellow coworkers and the general public, and to reduce the amount of lost time through injuries and accidents.

All employees, regardless of frequency of driving on Institution business, must complete the Motor Vehicle Use training. Employees who have been identified as driving on Institution business on a routine or frequent basis will be required to have a Motor Vehicle Record check.

Ethics Training

The Board of Regents adopted an Ethics Policy in November 2008 as part of the three-legged approach to improving governance, risk management, and compliance within the USG. Specifically, ethics training is a requirement for compliance programs as defined by the Federal government.

Among other things, the Board's Ethics Policy requires periodic training and certification by all USG employees and by the members of the Board of Regents themselves. In an effort to contain costs associated with implementing this requirement, the System Office worked with Georgia Tech to develop an online ethics training and certification module. This module has been beta-tested and has now been implemented at this institution.