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Information Technology

Associate of Science Degree in Information Technology

The Associate of Science in Information Technology provides students with the understanding of the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for the processing and distribution of data. This degree prepares students to solve basic information technology problems and identify current and emerging tools to help organizations. Students will acquire the technical skills to qualify for a variety of entry-level IT roles.

Area F Requirements

Advising Notes
  • Area F credit hours in excess of eighteen earned from taking additional math classes may be applied to Area B.
  • Students who started at Gordon State College before Fall, 2007, should consult their advisor regarding Area C requirements.
  • * Students may use one (1) excess Area F credit hour to satisfy Area B requirements.

Required Courses

12 Hours
  • BUSA 2101 (3-0-3)
  • CSCI 1101 (3-0-3)
  • CSCI 1301 (3-0-3)
  • ITEC 2215 (3-0-3)

Choose one of the following courses

6 Hours
  • CSCI 1302 (3-0-3)
  • CSCI 2201 (3-0-3)
  • ITEC 2220 (3-0-3)
  • ITEC 2245/CSCI 2410 (3-0-3)
  • MATH 1401 (3-0-3)

Advisement Worksheet

Information Technology Advisement Worksheet

Please download and print out this advisement worksheet and review all requirements before your initial meeting with your advisor. Hold on to this worksheet for future planning.


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