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Associate of Science in Chemistry**

The Associate of Science in Chemistry will prepare students for an entry-level position as chemical technicians in industrial laboratories or research laboratories. This degree will also allow students to pursue a baccalaureate degree in chemistry.

**This Program has been deactivated and is currently in a teach-out. We are no longer accepting students into this Major.

Area F Requirements

Advising Notes
  • Students must take the following courses in Area D: CHEM 1211K, CHEM 1212K, MATH 1501 or MATH 1502

Required Courses

12 Hours
  • CHEM 2401K (3-3-4)
  • CHEM 2402K (3-3-4)
  • CHEM 2300 (3-3-4)

Choose two of the following courses

8 Hours
  • BIOL 1107k (3-3-4)
  • BIOL 1108k (3-3-4)
  • MATH 1502 (4-0-4)
  • PHYS 1111K (3-3-4)
  • PHYS 1112K (3-3-4)


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