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Health and Physical Education

The Associate of Science degree with a pathway to a baccalaureate degree in Health and Physical Education primarily prepares you for a career in Physical Education at the primary, middle and secondary education levels. The Associate of Science with a pathway to a baccalaureate degree in Health and Physical Education can also help prepare you for a career in Health Promotion, Exercise Science, Fitness Training, and Coaching.

Program Map

Health and Physical Education Program Map

This program map might be used by those getting started in the program. It provides a suggested number and order of classes for each semester.

Course Rotation Schedule

Following are our planned offerings of PHED courses

This two year schedule shows a list of planned courses and as such is subject to change. At its sole discretion, the college may revise this schedule and any information contained herein, without advance notice. No contract, either expressly or implied, is created by this schedule.

  Fall Spring Summer Online
PHED 1001 yes yes yes yes
PHED 1010 yes yes yes yes
PHED 1040 yes no no no
PHED 1101 yes yes no no
PHED 1103 yes yes yes yes
PHED 1109 yes yes yes yes
PHED 1152 yes yes no no
PHED 1153 yes yes no no
PHED 1301 yes yes no no
PHED 1501 yes yes no no
PHED 1551 yes yes no no
PHED 1515 no no no no

Area F Requirements

Advising Notes
  • Courses may not be used to satisfy requirements in more than one Area.

Required Courses

17 Hours
  • BIOL 2210 (3-3-4)
  • BIOL 2211 (3-3-4)
  • EDUC 2110 (3-0-3)
  • EDUC 2120 (3-0-3)
  • EDUC 2130 (3-0-3)

Approved Elective(s) related to Health & Physical Education

1-3 Hours
  • PHED 1040 (3-0-3)

Advisement Worksheet

Health and Physical Education Advisement Worksheet

Please download and print out this advisement worksheet before your initial meeting with your advisor. Fill it out with current information and take it to your advisement meeting. Hold on to this worksheet for future planning.


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