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Student Staff Bios

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Meet all of our wonderful Tutors and Success Center Coordinators!

Amber Fraley

Hi! I am an alumni of Gordon State College as I graduated in December 2022 majoring in Biology and Chemistry. I hope to use my degrees to become a future physician’s assistance. I love learning about the human body, it’s function, and how biology and chemistry intertwine to keep us alive. I love assisting others even more through their journey of learning this information!

I am currently a professional tutor at Gordon State. I have enjoyed assisting students since 2021 even as an undergraduate student. It’s extremely rewarding watching students understand topics they initially had difficulties with and being exciting and engaged throughout the learning process. Playing a role in the success of students is a feeling that never gets old! I’m looking forward to seeing new faces in the Student Success Center!

Amber tutors: All Biology, CHEM 1211K, 1212K, 2402K, and Study Skills


Elizabeth Hill

I am currently an undergraduate at Gordon State, and I plan to finish my Bachelor's in English by the end of 2024. I thoroughly enjoy being a peer tutor in the Success Center. I tutor Humanities courses, namely English and Spanish, and I am a writing tutor. I love witnessing the "lightbulb" moment when I am able to help a fellow student be successful!

 I try to approach each day ready to conquer every challenge and accept each blessing. Community is a huge part of who I am -- whether that be my family, friends, coworkers, classmates, professors, or acquaintances. I am working closely with some professors here at Gordon on my undergraduate research and a fiction novel! I'm also active in my church in youth ministry and music. During the summer and autumn, I sell handmade art at local craft markets. When I get a moment to myself, I love animals and the outdoors. I probably talk about my dogs too much, and I love spending time in the woods on my family's property

Elizabeth tutors: Writing, SPAN: 1102, 2001, ENGL: 2111, 2121, 2122, 2131, 2132, and Study Skills


William Huey

My name is William Huey, 

I am Junior here at Gordon State College where I major in History. My major is the same as what I tutor in. I was always fond of history ever since I watched the history channel back in the early 2000s and learned about other events from my father. I was born and raised in Newnan Georgia, though I no longer live there. My hobbies include history, video games, and reading. 

William tutors: HIST: 1121, 1122, 2111, 2112, 3760, 3780, and Study Skills


Nhan Nguyen

Hi everyone! My name is Nhan. I am currently a nursing major at Gordon State College. In the future, I plan to become a nurse anesthetist. Outside of classes, I love playing League of Legends and watching anime, my favorite one definitely is Naruto.

Nhan tutors: MATH: 0996, 0997, 0999, 1001, 1111, 1401, and Study Skills


Kiera Oliver

Hello everyone! My name is Kiera and I’m a Biology major here at Gordon State College. I have a passion for science and medicine and plan to become a Physician Assistant after my graduation in 2025. I love knowing how things work and how all the tiny details culminate into the big picture; it’s fueled my love for biology and I’d like to use my knowledge to help my peers succeed. The right resources can make a big difference and tutoring is a great way to further your academic career. I also love anything to do with art, music, and nature! Drawing is my favorite hobby and I really enjoy realism but I grew up doodling and making all sorts of weird cartoons so it still has a place in my heart. My art style is honestly a combination of both. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 11 and I enjoy a lot of rock and 2000’s music out of nostalgia but I try and have an ear for everything! I’ve even branched out to playing the bass and a little bit of piano. Hiking is another pass time of mine, I’m very restless and energetic so being outdoors and getting active is a given for me. I’d like to travel and explore as many places as I can!

Kiera tutors: ENGL: 1101, 1102, 2121; BIOL: 1111K; CHEM 1211K


Matthew Pepe

As a Sophmore at Gordon State, I am immersed in my journey towards a Computer Engineering degree, aiming to graduate by 2024. My passion for technology extends beyond the classroom as I am an enthusiastic peer tutor at the Success Center. I specialize in tutoring Mathematics and Computer Science courses, and I find immense joy in guiding my peers through complex problems and algorithms.

I believe that learning is a collaborative adventure, and I'm excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge and learn from the experiences of others. Outside of academics, I'm an avid coder, constantly experimenting with new projects and honing my skills. Video games also play a significant role in my life.

My approach to tutoring is patient and understanding, recognizing that everyone has a unique learning style. I'm dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where all students feel encouraged to ask questions and grow.

Matthew tutors: MATH: 0996, 0997, 0999, 1001, 1113, 1111, 1401, 1501, 1502, CSCI 1372, and Study Skills


Tia Perry (No Spring24 Availability)

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my bio. I am an information technology major who has a passion for computers and math (my favorite being College Algebra)! I also adore the color pink, so if you come to me for tutoring- I will most likely be wearing pink! Some of my other interests include Minecraft and Stardew Valley, spending time with my Shih Tzu named Odie, and listening to music. I love it here at Gordon and I hope whether you come to me, or someone else on our wonderful team- you leave with new knowledge! As Albert Einstein once said, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Tia tutors: MATH 1111; ENGL 1101: CSCI 1101; ITEC 2215 and Study skills


Daniel Smith

Hey, thanks for checking out my bio. I am currently an engineering major at Gordon State. In the future I plan on pursuing biomechanical engineering at another university. I have enjoyed my time so far at Gordon and look forward to making more memories while I am here. 

Daniel tutors: MATH 0996, 0997, 0999, 1001, 1111, 1113, 1401, 1501, 1502, PHYS 2211K, and Study Skills


Jessie Sumner

Hey there! My name is Jessie! I am a 4th semester BSN student here at Gordon State College! I love the color pink, I love the world of nursing, I love my chihuahua: Kitty (yes that's her name), and I love hanging out with family and friends! 

Jessie tutors: ENGL: 1101 1102; BIOL: 1111K, 1112K, 2250; Study Skills and Writing


Will Thompson

Hi everyone! My name is Will. Currently, I am a biology major at Gordon State. After graduation, I am planning on entering the medical field. When I was younger, I loved animals and wanted to become a vet. While I am not currently pursuing veterinary medicine, my interest in animal science is what ultimately led me to pursuing a biology degree.

In my free time I love spending time outdoors. I love golf and archery, having played both sports competitively during high school. After graduation, I was an assistant archery coach. I also enjoy playing games and playing the piano. I have one dog and five cats, most of which are strays that my family took in. I have been going to Gordon State for my entire college career and am currently in my senior year.

Will tutors: All Biology



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