Student Success Center

The Gordon State College Success Center is committed to helping students achieve academic and personal success. Our mission is to support students at any level and of any ability in their course work and in the development of personal skills that will help them achieve their academic and life goals.


Can I receive tutoring without visiting the Student Success Center in person?

Absolutely. Students at the Academy for Advanced Studies have access to online tutoring for both Math classes and writing assignments in any course. This tutoring is hosted through Gordon State's Student Success Center. Students also have free access to NetTutor. Find out more about NetTutor here.

Math Tutoring:

For the Fall 2016 semester, SSC tutors will offer Math tutoring in Room 714 of the McDonough instructional site on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 to 6:00 PM. Please contact the Student Success Center ( if you need more information.

Are there other Student Success Center services available online?

There are numerous resources available from the Student Success Center home page. Browse our general resources from the Online Academic Resource page, or find subject specific resources from the Math Lab? and Writing Center sites. We also have a useful Research Paper Calculator, Course Load Calculator, and digital Self-Advisement Workbook available for Academy for Advanced Studies students. Keep up with the Student Success Center's Facebook page to get academic tips and read tutor interviews.

Success Workshop Videos

  • College 101: This video series is an online version of Dr. Chad Davies' "College 101" workshop designed to help students understand the culture of college, the ways in which higher education is different than other areas of education, and how to succeed as a student.
  • Digital Literacy for College Students: Digital literacy is the ability to use information technologies and the web, and is not only an important facet of becoming a successful student, but finding success in your future careers. In this series you will find videos on how to use free applications on the internet, as well as popular software packages, such as Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint.
  • Highlander Peer Mentors: Gordon State College's Highlander Peer Mentors connect new students with successful people on campus, promoting academic excellence. To learn more about the program, contact Professor Tonya Moore.