Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Priorities



Establish a distinctive identity built on a collaborative campus culture supported by our institutional values.

In order for Gordon State College to leverage “the Power of WE” and accomplish its vision, it must foster a culture of collaboration among faculty, staff, and students. This collaborative culture will be strengthened by increasing internal communication efforts; building institutional capacity in key areas like human capital, financial, and physical resources; and celebrating excellence across campus.


Promote student excellence throughout the academic journey.

The work of Gordon State College is for the benefit of our students. We will help our students achieve excellence throughout their academic journey. The journey starts before they arrive on the GSC campus. We will promote excellence by ensuring best practices in recruiting, outreach, and enrollment management. Once students join the Gordon State College community, we must continue to promote excellence throughout their academic journey. To achieve our mission and vision, we must also ensure that students are successful after graduation.


Strengthen community engagement and partnerships.

Gordon State College will be an institution that is focused on meeting the needs of its primary service region and the state. We will accomplish this goal by strengthening our partnerships with employers, organizations, school systems, other higher education institutions, governments, and other entities in the region. We will enhance our marketing and communications efforts to better tell our story and build relationships with our partners.