Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the average student spend on textbooks each year?

While this information varies based on factors such as course load, the College Board has reported that, nationally, the average cost of books for the 2018-2019 academic year was $1,250.00. This figure does not include the savings achieved by students selling back their used textbooks or by using grants and financial aid.

When is the bookstore open?

Normal business hours are Monday-Thursday 7:30am-6:00pm and Friday 7:30am-12:00pm. Extended hours during the registration period and first week of class will be posted under News and Events.

How do I find my textbooks in the bookstore?

The bookstore always has friendly, knowledgeable staff members available to assist you during your visit. Please be sure to bring a copy of your class schedule. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure you have selected the correct textbooks for your classes.

Each textbook aisle has signs posted at the beginning to let you know what is down that particular aisle.
The classes are listed in the following order.

Alphabetized by subject
In numerical order by course number
Alphabetized by section

Shelf tags identify the requirements for each class. *Always check the textbook title, ISBN, and course number against the shelf tag.

The shelf tag will also list whether the book is required, recommended or choose one (different versions of required materials) and also provides the new, used, and if applicable, rental book price.

Please see one of the bookstore staff if you have any questions or concerns. If they do not have the answer, we will find someone who does.

How do I find my textbooks in the online store?

While viewing your "Detail Student Schedule" from your Banner Web account, click on the link "Display/Purchase Textbooks". The link will generate a list of textbooks for your classes.
Another means of finding textbooks is to search by course. This method requires the user to enter the term, department, course and section for each class enrolled. A user may begin entering the information from the Bookstores homepage by clicking on 'Textbooks'.

How do I use financial aid or loan funds in the bookstore?

Go to your Banner Web account and view the available funds for the semester. After determining that a credit balance is available, present your Gordon State College student ID to the cashier as payment for your purchase.

Are there any limitations on how I spend my financial aid money?

Your Financial Aid award determines items that may be purchased. Please be aware of the terms of YOUR funds when purchasing in the bookstore.

PELL or loan funds may be used to purchase any merchandise in the Bookstore including books, supplies, book bags, electronics, computer supplies and clothing items.

Please be aware of financial aid availability dates and deadlines and make the required purchases prior to the cut-off date. Dates will be posted on "News & Events" as well as on your "Detail Student Schedule".

How many used textbooks are available?

The Gordon State College Bookstore goes to great lengths to obtain used textbooks for you. Used textbook availability requires the cooperation of faculty, textbook buyers and students. The process below describes how used textbooks are obtained and how you as a student fit into the process.

At the end of each semester the Bookstore sponsors Book Buyback during the week of finals. Bring in all of the books you don't want to keep. Cash is paid for these books during Buyback based on the following conditions:

If the book is being used next semester, we will generally pay you approximately 50% of the price you paid for the book at the beginning of the semester, if the bookstore has not met its needed stock levels.
If the book is not being used next semester you may sell it to a book wholesaler in the store, provided there is a market value for the book.

Keep in mind that less than half of the used textbooks sold come from our own Buyback. The majority come from students like yourselves who sold their books to the national market to get cash and benefit others just like you. Chances are good that the used textbook in your hand was sold back by someone on a different campus. The difference in the price you paid covers the logistics of making them available in useful quantities to schools across the nation and to you. So, the more students who take advantage of Buyback, the more used textbooks are available for students to buy next semester.

What is your refund policy?



You may receive a refund for any reason on books through the first seven business days of the semester and/or session. The receipt date must indicate the book was purchased for the current semester and/or session. All textbook sales occurring after refund period are final.

Books must be returned in NEW condition for a 100% refund. Books with writing, highlighting, earmarks, bumped corners, etc., will be refunded at USED retail price. Water damaged books will not be refunded. Gordon State College Bookstore reserves the right to refuse any item for refund based on the condition in which the item has been brought back.

Shrink-wrapped textbooks and shrink-wrapped textbook packages must be returned unopened in original packaging to receive a 100% refund. During the refund period, opened textbooks and/or bundles may be returned to the bookstore at USED retail price, with access codes that have not been opened!

Workbooks, custom-published course packs, lab books, study guides, dictionaries, optional books, and general study aids are not eligible for a refund.



Clothing, supplies and other forms of general merchandise may be refunded or exchanged within ten business days of purchase date. All original hangtags must still be attached to clothing items.

Candy, drinks, and all health & beauty supplies are not eligible for return or exchange.

No refund is available for calculators, hardware, software and assorted computer supplies if opened. Exchanges for unopened items are solely at the discretion of the bookstore management. Defective products must be reconciled with manufacturer according to terms of items warranty.

Why should I purchase from the GC bookstore?

The Gordon State College Bookstore staff members ensure that our inventory reflects your current needs and allows for one stop shopping. We work very closely with the academic divisions of the College to ensure that the correct course materials are made available to students. We offer the convenience of buying here and within the limits of our refund policy returning here if the need arises. The Gordon State College Bookstore also offers textbook buyback at the beginning and end of each semester to help students recoup some of the money they've spent.

Gordon State College Bookstore is owned and operated by Gordon State College. All profits from sales in the bookstore will go back to the college. Many programs and improvements on campus are funded by the bookstore-where funding would not be available through state funds. Essentially, books purchased elsewhere effects your college community (including the students).