Inventory Control

Located at Central Receiving, all items that cost over $3,000.00 are decaled, scanned, tagged, and assigned to a department, building and room at the college.

Surplus Property

Located at Central Receiving, surplus property consists of items that the college no longer needs, or is old, broken or outdated. Items to be surplused are at the direction of DOAS by selling, transferring, or destroying.

Document Storage

Document Storage is located at Central Receiving in its own area of approximately 5400 square feet and provides storage for semi-active and inactive records for all departments. Document storage boxes can be ordered from any stationary store, letter and legal box sizes are available. If you have a full file cabinet to be stored, these boxes are the best method for temporarily holding the items. Document storage area is a climate controlled; secured locked building where access is limited to authorized personnel only.

Central Receiving / Shipping

Located at Central Receiving, we receive shipments by UPS, Fed-Ex, Fed-Ex Ground, and outside trucks. In fact, most items that are purchased with a p-card come through Central Receiving, and all items that are Next Day Air will be delivered as soon as possible. Central Receiving makes deliveries at 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and other times when necessary. We also have limited room to hold items in our warehouse until they are needed. Packages are shipped from Central Receiving daily, including Fed-Ex, Fed-Ex Ground, UPS, and other outside trucks. All items must be properly packaged, and addressed. We would like all vendors to deliver their items to Central Receiving, so we can properly receive them. Used toner, fax, and ink cartridges should be returned to Central Receiving for proper recycling. Central Receiving will pick up used cartridges on request.

Word Processing/ Mailroom

The mailroom and copy center is located in the student center building on the second floor, room 201. The mailroom handles all the USPS mail for the college. Faculty and student mailboxes are located outside of the mailroom. We offer most of the same services as the main post office in downtown Barnesville. Postage stamps can be purchased in the Gordon State College Bookstore. The copy center is responsible for making black and white and color copies for all departments (faculty and staff). Students can make copies for a minimal fee. The mailroom and copy center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is closed for lunch from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. daily, during the academic year.

Master Plan

  • Campus Master Plan November 2015 (PDF | 9.9MB)

Handicap and Campus Parking

  • Parking Lot Information (PDF | 49KB)

Unisex Restroom Locations on Campus

  • Unisex Restroom Locations