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Our Mission as Facilities Management for Gordon State College is to provide a safe, clean, healthy, comfortable environment for students, faculty and staff as well as visitors to our campus. We are to provide stewardship of the buildings and grounds on our campus that we have been entrusted with. We implement this by utilizing the best management practices in Administration, Maintenance, Grounds, Custodial and Central Services Departments. We strive to work together to minimize or prevent deterioration of college buildings and structures, integral systems, equipment, landscaped grounds and infrastructures.

The preventive maintenance program is a priority for continuous improvement at Gordon State College. If a problem can be prevented, it will save on expenses. Preventive maintenance is implemented for all departments.

Safety is another key issue in the Facilities Management department. Environmental Safety and ADA regulations are adhered to for campus safety. All supervisors must think of safety every day to reduce problems on campus. Safety is also considered in ordering material and equipment.

Every employee is constantly in training to provide services to Gordon State College. The Facilities Management Department strives for new and better ways to improve their services.