New Student Orientation for Traditional Teacher Track

Next Steps for After You've Been Accepted to Gordon State

Congratulations on being accepted to Gordon State College! Since the Elementary Education Parapro-to-Teacher track is a completely online program, you are not required to attend an on-campus orientation. Instead, please review the information below in order to prepare yourself to start classes! If you prefer to review this information via video, please watch this one.

Setting up your Accounts

As an accepted student, you can now set up your BannerWeb and Gordon email accounts. You will need both of these in order to register and start taking classes. Your Gordon email is the official source of communication at Gordon and will be how we communicate with you from this point onward. Please review this page and complete the steps of:

  • Determine your Gordon credentials
  • Set up your Bannerweb pin
  • Set up your Gordon email password
  • Log into your Gordon email (which will require the use of multi-factor authentication using DUO Mobile)
  • Consider downloading the Microsoft Outlook App to access your Gordon email on-the-go
  • Download Microsoft Office for your home computer (on or after the first day of class)

Completing the eLearning Tutorial

As an online student, you have to option of choosing two types of online courses: Gordon Online and eCore (or both).

Registering for Classes

The School of Education will help you register during your first semester. You can access a list of courses you need to take (and where any transfer credits have counted) in your BannerWeb account. Log into BannerWeb and choose "Student" and "DegreeWorks." When you are ready to register, please contact When emailing us, please provide:

  • The number of classes you would like to take during the upcoming semester
  • Which classes (if you have a preference) you would like to take during the upcoming semester

After your first semester, you will be able to register yourself for classes. Remember at this point you are still completing the pre-courses for the education program. Upon being accepted into the program, you will be registered for your upper level courses every semester. To register yourself for courses (after the first semester), please consult this document.

Paying for Your Classes

You have the option of applying for financial aid to help cover the cost of your courses. For federal aid, you will need to complete the FAFSA. This will need to be completed early and you will need to ensure to input Gordon's code (001575) so that we receive your information. You can read more about financial aid, how to apply, and who to contact here.

If you have a balance left, you would need to pay it through the student account center. You can read more about it as well as payment plans on the Bursar's website here.

Make sure to check your Gordon email daily and pay by the deadline or your schedule will be dropped.

Accessing Your Courses

You should be able to log into either/both of these platforms a few days after registering for classes. You will not see your courses, however, until the first official day of class (which might be different for Gordon Online and eCore courses). You will receive more information about accessing your courses via Gordon email.

Make sure to log into your courses on the first day of class. Each course will have some attendance verification activities to complete (usually an introduction discussion or syllabus quiz). If you do not complete these by the deadline, you will automatically be dropped from the course.

Submitting Petitions

As we make your schedule and review your courses, we might recommend that you complete a petition to make a transfer credit count in an area that it is currently not doing so. You will need to submit the following form for each course you plan to petition (you only fill out the last page). Below is a link to a video that will show you how to complete the petition. Make sure to follow the steps in the video exactly in order for the petition to be accepted. Please email your petitions to

Finding Your Books

After registering for classes, you can determine the books and materials you will need for the course via our Gordon State College Bookstore. You might choose to purchase or rent your texts from the bookstore or elsewhere.

  1. Find your schedule via Bannerweb. This will tell you the name of the course and section, which you will need to find your texts. This will show you how to locate your schedule on Bannerweb.
  2. Find your courses on the Gordon State College bookstore. You will use the name of the course and section to find this. You can then order the books online through the bookstore or use the ISBN number to purchase/rent books elsewhere.

Note: Some courses might not have a text listed because it is using open educational resources that are built into the course.

Preparing to Apply to the Education Program

If you haven't already, make sure to review the parapro-to-teacher webpage carefully. It describes the pre-courses you need to take before starting the program as well as the courses you will take before entering the program. It also includes a description of the field experience requirements in the program. You will need to have an informal conversation with your principal early to ensure that he/she will allow you to complete the experiences while employed. There is a sample MOU for him/her to view if more information is needed.

When you are nearing the completion of the pre-courses, you will also need to apply to the parapro-to-teacher education track. This includes:

  • Application (including essay)
  • Disposition forms
  • Recommendation forms
  • Completion of GACE ethics
  • **Note: The Program Admissions GACE (reading, writing, math) is no longer required for acceptance into program (beginning with Fall 2022 cohorts)

All application materials and descriptions can be located on our parapro-to-teacher webpage here.