Parapro to Teacher Education Program

Paraprofessional to Certified Teacher Program

We are so excited that you are interested in earning your teaching credentials at Gordon State College’s School of Education. Below, you will find all of the information concerning our Paraprofessional to Certified Teacher Program. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact the School of Education, Mathematics, and Applied Sciences at 678-359-5468, or you are welcome to email Dr. Joseph R. Jones, the Dean of the School,

Facts about the Program:

  • the program is primarily online
  • a new cohort will begin in the fall of 2020
  • a student can complete the program in two years
  • a student is able to remain employed with his or her school district (The student’s district must agree to allow the student to remain employed in the district during his or her clinical experience).
  • successful completion of the program will result in the earning of a bachelor's degree in elementary education as well as Georgia teacher certification in elementary education/special education.

Admission Requirements:

  • 2.75 GPA
  • An Associate’s Degree (or equivalent)
  • A passing score on the GACE Program Admission Assessment (Reading, Math, and Writing). The GACE may be exempted with an combined SAT Math and Verbal of 1080 (if taken after July 01 2019) or a 1000 (if taken prior to July 01, 2019)
  • A student must have taken MATH 2008 (Numbers and Operations ECE), ISCI 2001 (Life/Earth Science), and ISCE 2002 (Physical Science) prior to beginning the program. These courses will be offered during the spring and summer of 2020 for students to enroll.
  • Students must have taken three foundations of education courses (EDUC 2110, EDUC 2120, and EDUC 2130). These courses will be offered in the spring and summer of 2020 for students to enroll.
  • You must apply to Gordon State College before applying to the Teacher Education Program. Online applications to Gordon State College can be completed by visiting and clicking the “apply now” button in the top right corner.

***Please feel free to email a copy of your unofficial transcripts to for evaluation.***

The program is covered by financial aid, and the Financial Aid Office can be contacted at 678-359-5990. A number of school districts offer financial assistance, please contact your local HR representative.

How to Apply to the Parapro-to-Teacher Program:

  • Apply to Gordon State College (click here to open). With this application, you are applying for entrance into the college.
  • Apply to the Parapro-to-Teacher program within the School of Education. Download, print, and complete the following:
    • Gordon State College Parapro-to-Teacher Application (click here to open). This application includes:
      • Course Rotation (pg 1)
      • Application Checklist (pg 2)
      • Application (pg 3-4)
      • Application Essay (pg 5)
      • Criminal Background Check Consent Form (pg 6) *Note: This page must be notarized. If you are in need of a notary, see Ms. Kelly Wilson (Room 108) in the School of Education.
    • Disposition Assessment Form (click here to open): You must submit TWO disposition forms. One must be from the principal at the school in which you are employed. The other may be from the assistant principal, co-teacher, human resources personnel, or another administrative supervisor in the school in which you are employed. Note: Your professional recommendations and your disposition forms cannot come from the same person. 
    • Professional Recommendation Form (click here to open): You must submit THREE professional recommendations. It is preferred that these come from individuals who have taught or worked with you. Note: Your professional recommendations and your disposition forms cannot come from the same person.
  • Submit your application, dispositions, and professional recommendations. You may submit them via:
    • Drop Off/Mail: Teacher Education Admissions, Gordon State College, 108 Smith Hall, 419 College Drive, Barnesville, GA 30204
    • Email: Ms. Kelly Wilson, School of Education Academic Aid,
    • Fax: Ms. Kelly Wilson, Parapro Program, (678) 359-5255

Completing the GACE Requirements:

In order to be accepted into a bachelor program that leads to Georgia certification, you must complete two assessments: (1) GACE Basic Skills/Program Admission Assessment (includes reading, writing, and math tests), (2) GACE Ethics Program Entry.

  • The GACE Basic Skills/Program Entry Admission Assessment has three components (reading, writing, math). You can take all three tests at the same time or choose to take them on different dates/times. You are responsible for the fees related to taking these entrance exams. You must complete these exams in a testing center. You can exempt the GACE Basic Skills/Program Entry Admission Assessment if you have the following SAT/ACT scores:
    • SAT prior to July 1, 2019 combined Math & Verbal = 1000+
    • SAT on or after July 1, 2019 combined Math & Verbal  = 1080+
    • ACT combine English & Math = 43+
  • The GACE Ethics Program Entry is similar to an online course where students complete modules and then submit a computerized exam. You can complete this entry requirement from your home computer. You are responsible for the fees related to completing this program.

Click here to open a guide with instructions of how to register, complete, and report your scores for the GACE requirements.