Parapro-to-Teacher Track

The Parapro-to-Teacher (P2T) track is an innovative BSED pathway that allows candidates to become certified teachers while continuing to work as paraprofessionals.


Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with a track in English


You must be a current paraprofessional working at a public school system. If you are interested in the program and are a paraprofessional in a private school, please reach out to determine if it is a possibility for your school.

  • All students will be required to complete certain pre-courses before being accepted and starting the program. The courses may be transferred from other institutions or may be completed at Gordon. Students can choose the number of classes they want to take each semester. Courses are offered every Fall (August-December), Spring (January-May), and Summer (May-June, June-July). A list of the pre-courses required can be found in this document.

Paced for Purpose

The P2T track begins in the fall and will take as few as two years of coursework to complete for qualified students. Paraprofessionals will be full-time students completing four or five online classes a semester while participating in field experiences.

How to Apply 

To be accepted into the education program, you will need to do the following:

  • Apply to Gordon State College! Make sure to mark the Elementary Education or Secondary Education as the major.
    • If you are a transfer student, someone will evaluate your transcript after admission to Gordon State College to advise you of what courses, if any, you need before applying to the parapro-to-teacher track. Application to the BSED program in Elementary Education or Secondary Education is a separate process.
    • Complete all the required pre-courses with an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  • Complete the Parapro-to-Teacher Application during your last semester taking pre-courses.
    • Complete THREE recommendation formsWe suggest that these come from partner teachers or those who know your work in the school system. 
    • Complete TWO disposition forms. These should come from (1) the principal of the school in which you are employed, (2) another administrator- vice principal, counselor, curriculum specialist, etc. These should not be the same people from the recommendation forms. 
    • Complete the Georgia Educator Ethics (360) course via the Professional Standards Commission - (required for all students completing a teacher prep program in Georgia). This document will provide the steps for registering for the Ethics (360) course.
      Note: Starting with Fall 2022 cohorts, students are no longer required to complete the GACE Program Admission exam (reading, writing, & math).

Application documentation (which should include: application, recommendations, dispositions, & proof of GACE Ethics completion/scores) should be submitted to: Dr. Stephen Raynie at

Tuition Assistance

You may be eligible for educational funding through programs or partnerships with your school district. Check with your human resources department for details.

Have questions?

Watch the Program Overview Video below for more information or Email Dr. Stephen Raynie at