Student Assistance

The Dean of Students Office acts as a student’s “go to” place for information and assistance.  From assisting students with enrollment concerns to connecting students with personal counseling or academic advisement, the Dean’s Office is here to ensure students are successful as they journey through their college experiences. Student Assistance services include: 

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Chaired by the Dean of Students, GSC's Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a committee of concerned college staff and faculty members who meet regularly to review information about at-risk community members and develop intervention plans to assist them.  The BIT engages in three main functions: 1) gathering data from GSC community members; 2) analyzing this data using objective assessments; and 3) intervening and following up based on the level of risk resulting from the assessment process.

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to report any concerning behaviors to the BIT. All concerns will be reviewed and promptly addressed.  To submit a concern, click on the "Reporting a Concern or Incident" link below. 

Reporting a Concern or Incident

Counseling and Accessibility Services

Health Center