Highlander Help

Dear Highlanders,

The Office of Counseling and Accessibility Services wants to share with you additional information on a program which was introduced to the campus community in December 2020. The University System of Georgia has launched a program for all campuses that helps to expand mental health resources. For more information on this program go to https://www.usg.edu/mentalhealth/.

With so many changes in the world and factors that compromise your health and wellness, we wanted to make sure that you had the support you needed, any time, any place. As an extension of the college’s Office of Counseling and Accessibility Services, whether you are on campus, studying from home, or studying abroad, Highlander Help is here for you!

Highlander Help gives you 24/7 access to counselors and mental health resources to help you cope with concerns that very from minor and manageable to severe. 

With Highlander Help, here’s what you get:

  • A mental health support line for in-the-moment support and linkages to no cost Telehealth treatment sessions provided by a diverse network of licensed mental health clinicians.  Personal Student Navigators are available to assist with referral coordination and support regardless of time of day or your location. Call anytime, anyplace, at 833-855-0079.
  • Virtual Psychiatric Clinics to offer assessment and medication management. To learn about your options, contact the Counseling Center at 678-359-5585.  
  • A self-directed iCBT program designed exclusively for students. To get access to this program, contact the Counseling Center at 678-359-5585.
  • The Wellness Hub” which includes an App and an online wellness magazine with educational content, self-help tools and resource links. To access the Wellness Hub and download the app, go to: https://gscwellnesshub.com.

Student Health 101


Your wellbeing is the college’s top concern. Our goal is to make sure you are happy and healthy as you are studying and preparing for the rest of your lives. If you or a friend are experiencing any mental health concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Counseling Center or use any of the Highlander Help services listed above.  For additional information, please contact Ms. Alicia Dorton, Director of Counseling and Accessibility Services, at aliciad@gordonstate.edu.