Accessibility Services

What is Accessibility Services?

Accessibility Services is located in the Student Center, Second Floor, Room 212. Accessibility Services is the office where students with an identified disability register their disability and make arrangements for academic accommodations. Disabilities may be permanent or temporary and are categorized into three areas: physical, psychological and learning disorders (this includes ADD/ADHD). The same services are provided to students attending satellite campuses.

Gordon State College will provide accessibility and reasonable accommodations to individuals defined as disabled under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American Disabilities Act of 1990. Gordon State College will not deny admission to the college to any individual with a qualified disability based on the disability. Student with disabilities must meet the same Admissions standards as all other students.

Steps for Requesting Accessibility/Accommodations

To begin the process, please download the following guide for step by step guidance on the process. Also available for download are documents mentioned in the guide. The step by step guide will assist you with knowing which ones are needed for your request.  If you would prefer to receive hard copies of these forms, you may stop by the Counseling and Accessibility Office, which is located in the Student Center, Second Floor, Room 212. You may also contact the office by phone at 678-359-5585.

Steps for Requesting Accessibility Accommodations


Required Documents for Requesting Accessibility Accommodations (Step 1 in Guide)

 Request for Accommodations and Parent/Guardian Release Form

Possible Documentation of Disability Forms (Step 2 in Guide)

ADHD Documentation Form

Document Request - Psychological Form

Document Request - Medical Form


Possible Accommodations and Services

  • Accessible Furniture
  • AMAC Resources
  • Campus Accessibility
  • Captioning Services
  • Priority (early) Registration
  • Foreign Language Substitution
  • General Classroom Accommodations
  • Approval to Record Lectures
  • Residence Hall Accommodations
  • Emotional Support Animal 
  • Service Animal 
  • Testing Accommodations

Grievance Procedures

Students who are eligible for academic accommodations has an Eligibility of Services emailed to them and their instructors by the Director Accessibility Services. If a student believes that an instructor is not providing them with their accommodations, they should report this to the Director of Accessibility Services as soon as possible. The Director of Accessibility Services will work with the instructor to assist with the process of providing the student with approved appropriate accommodations.