Plant-A-Tree, Reflective Space Projects


The Gordon State College campus is well-known for its beautiful landscaping and peaceful grounds.

We treasure our canopy of different trees growing all over campus. We also know how refreshing a quiet place for reflection can be in a hurried life.

In our continuing desire to add to the beauty of the campus, the Gordon State College Foundation offers Plant-A-Tree and Reflective Space projects.

The care and upkeep of our grounds are supported through these projects which allow a donor to sponsor the planting of a tree on campus or to sponsor the placement of a bench on campus to honor or memorialize someone.

Donations for a tree depend on the specimen and current cost for plaque casting. Benches start at $2,500. A portion of the donation is used to inscribe a bronze plaque which is placed on a natural stone at the base of the tree or to place an attractive marker on the bench.

By walking across campus, or sitting quietly and enjoying the beautiful grounds, you can easily see the names of people who have either themselves supported these projects or are being honored or memorialized by others' support.

For more information on these and other memorial projects contact the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations at 678-359-5739.