Get Involved

contribute to a community that's changing lives

Getting involved with your alma mater brings its share of benefits. You get to meet new people... continue your education... and most important, contribute to a community that's changing lives.

No matter where you are, there's a way for you to stay involved with Gordon State College. Some examples:

On the Gordon State College campus...

  • Attend a fine arts program or athletic event. (Check the public calendar to see what's coming up.)
  • Take part in Gordon State College's Career Services events and activities.
  • Come to graduation to show your support for today's students.
  • Take a community education class - and get a friend to sign up with you.
  • Update your contact info and email so we can reach you.

In the community...

  • Contact your Georgia state representatives to push for greater financial support of the University System of Georgia.
  • Write to the Board of Regents to encourage investment in Gordon State College capital projects.
  • Be a Gordon State College ambassador by spreading the word about our latest and greatest achievements.

At your local high school...

  • Represent Gordon State College at a school college fair.
  • Contact the guidance office to ensure it has up-to-date admissions materials.

With your family...

  • Enroll your child or grandchild in a Kids' College after-school event or a summer camp at Gordon State College.
  • Invite a current student to your house for Thanksgiving dinner.

With other alumni...

  • Attend Alumni Weekend in the spring.
  • Help new students get acclimated on Move-in Day.
  • Send your career-related or personal news to be included in the Class Notes section of the President's Report.
  • Plan a reunion for your class.

With financial gifts...

  • Make a contribution to Gordon State College's Annual Fund drive.
  • Honor someone with a book in the Hightower Library or a tree on campus.
  • Explore other types of gifts you can give today or in the future.

Are you ready to get started? Contact the advancement office, 678.359.5739.