Plan a Reunion

Office of Alumni Affairs

  • One person can make the difference. It only takes one person to get the ball rolling to a great event! Communicate ideas with your class officers and several representative class members. Contact the Alumni Affairs & Annual Fund Coordinator at to learn about services provided by the college. We can help with mailings, registrations, nametags, meal planning, etc.
  • Form a committee nine to 12 months in advance. The most successful group so far started planning two years before their golden reunion. Decide on major details - date, time, location, activities, and cost. Your reunion can be formal with an elegant plated meal served by professionals or it can be an informal buffet, cookout or cocktail and hors d'oeuvres reception. You decide and we can provide the services to make your reunion a memorable one.
  • Request a class list from the Alumni Affairs Coordinator.  Assist with updating names, addresses, phone numbers, emails and keep in contact with the alumni affairs office for help finding your classmates.
  • When planning reunion activities leave plenty of time for good conversation, socializing and remember that different age groups have different interests. Set aside time to share memories with photos and school mementos.

Some ideas from other reunions:

  • Formal meal and reception
  • Buffet dinner
  • Photos, photos and more photos to provide an outstanding "Memory Lane" for fellow classmates
  • Convert photos to a slide show to watch during a reception or meal
  • Set up an evening activity that features a hit movie from your graduation year or decade
  • Acquire a jukebox with all the great music from your group's decade
  • Hire a D.J. for great music all night
  • Set up memory books
  • Participate in decorating a float for Buggy Days Parade
  • Share special memories about other class members or teachers
  • Have your class provide a memorial gift to Gordon State College
  • Start a "Class Of" scholarship.
  • Set a definite time for your next reunion.

And remember that great reunions start with a few people and then grow. Involve as many class members as possible in the planning.