Gordon State College Foundation

The Gordon State College Foundation, established in 1972, seeks to support and enhance the work of Gordon State College through securing financial resources for the further development and growth of the College.

In 2019, the Foundation board developed a five-year Strategic Plan with the core purpose to support and promote Gordon State College and the institution’s Strategic Plan: Building the Power of WE! as well as raise awareness of the Foundation and its role in philanthropy.

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A number of funds have been established by the Gordon State College Foundation:

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Through contributions to the Gordon State College Foundation generous individuals, businesses, and civic organizations endow scholarships that ensure access to higher education for students. The foundation awards these scholarships annually to students chosen based on criteria such as academic success, financial need, and extracurricular activities. Award amounts vary among the many scholarships of the foundation. For more information about the scholarships:

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Gordon State College Foundation

Board of Trustees

Ms. Reshann Adams
Mr. Phillip Bell
Mr. Scott Blackstock
Dr. Aaron Buice
Mr. Andy Bush
Mr. Kenny Coggins
Mr. Alan Connell
Ms. Lucinda Dallas
Mr. Jim Edwards, Jr.
Mr. John Edwards, Jr.
Mr. Lindy Farmer
Dr. Joel Fuller
Mr. Jim Granum
Mr. Bob Harris, Vice-Chair
Mr. George Hightower, Jr., At Large
Mr. Chase Idol, Treasurer
Ms. Tamara Ison
Mr. Curtis Jenkins
Mr. Terry Killingsworth
Dr. Waine Kong
Mr. Derrick Lewis, Chair
Mr. Charles McDaniel
Dr. Kevin Napier
Mr. Don Neuner
Dr. Kirk A. Nooks, Secretary
Mr. Kike Seda
Dr. Bert Wall
Mr. Dan White


Ex-Officio Members
Student Government Association President
Dr. Frank Winters, Faculty Senate Chair
Ms. Gratasha Banks, Staff Council Chair
Mrs. Kathryn Green, Gordon Alumni Association President


Emeritus Trustees

Mr. Bruce Akins
Mr. Peter Banks
Capt. Paul Barnes
Mr. Bill Bazemore
Mr. George Butler
Mr. Bill Cooper
Mr. Dallis Copeland
Rep. Robert Dickey
Mr. Joe Edwards, Sr.
Judge Bill Fears
Mr. Walter Geiger
Mr. Calvin "Hoppy" Hopkins
Mr. C.A. "Lon" Knowles
Mr. Pete Malone
Mr. Jimmy Matthews
Mr. Ed Mitchell
Dr. Mike Oxford
Dr. John Quinn
Mr. Tom Richardson
Mr. Eddie Rogers
Mr. Larry Smith
Mr. Luke Weaver
Ms. Jennie Woodlee