Cash Gifts

Gifts of cash may be made to the Gordon College Foundation at any time during the year. Unrestricted gifts are added to the Friends of Gordon Fund and are used to meet identified needs of the College that can not be met through other means. Restricted gifts are gifts given to the College for a specific purpose.

Examples of gifts given for a specific purpose include a donation made to the Hightower Library for the purpose of purchasing additional books for its collection. This gift may be made to honor the birth of a child or in memory of a loved one. Gordon State College will be happy to accept memorial and tribute gifts and provide notification to the honoree or the bereaved family. A donor may choose to donate funds for the purchase of musical instruments, lab equipment, sports equipment, or other specific areas of interest.

Gifts given to the Gordon College Foundation are tax deductible.

Donations may also be made by credit card online.

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