Projects & Scholarships

A number of funds have been established by the Gordon State College Foundation in order to support the work and advancement of Gordon State College.

Funds typically fall into two categories, "projects" and "scholarships". All named scholarships established by the Foundation are endowed and gifts to the corpus of the scholarship help that endowment in providing a healthier pay-out to the recipient. Anyone can make a gift to a named scholarship and gifts can be made in any size. Projects may or may not be endowed. Funds may be set up for a project and once the funds required are raised then the fund goes away. Likewise, anyone can make a gift of any size to a project.

Individuals wishing to create a project or a scholarship should contact the Office of Advancement at 678.359.5739.


Military Memorial Plaza

Gifts of any size may be made to this project which resulted in the construction of a memorial honoring Gordon faculty, staff and alumni. The memorial plaza has multiple components including a wall listing those from Gordon who died in military service, and a portico representing Gordon Military High School and College. Those who give at least $1,000.00 are added to the "350" and their names have been placed on a plaque at the site. Gifts received after construction will be utilized for maintenance and upkeep of the memorial and the landscaping.

Pat Brown Practice Lab

This lab was named for longtime faculty member Pat Brown.

Prentice Miller Book Fund

Funds used to purchase books for the library.

Art Fund

This fund supports the Gordon State College art program

Athletic Endowment Fund

This fund, once endowed, will support the athletic program at Gordon State College

Athletic Support Fund

This is a fund to provide funds for fundraising for the Gordon endowment fund. Gifts to this fund may support the purchase of advertising, postage, copying, or other expenses related to fundraising for the athletic endowment.

Cyrus Neuner Faculty/Staff Enrichment Fund

This fund provides monies for faculty and staff to attend conferences and/to receive additional professional development through training

Farewell Fund

This fund is to support farewell gifts for the President upon retirement or departure.

Friends of Gordon State College

This fund is for general gifts to the Foundation and is used for the operation of the Foundation. The use of monies given to this fund are governed by the approved budget of the Foundation adopted every Fall for the following calendar year. Exceptions to the adopted budget are made by a vote of the foundation trustees. This fund is critical to the operation of the foundation.

Gordon State College Alumni Association General Fund

Gifts may be made for the general support of the Gordon State College Alumni Association. Gifts made will be expended with the direction of the Gordon State College Alumni Association Advisory Board.

Honors House Project

Gifts made to this fund help provide furnishings and materials for the Honors House and the Honors program housed there.

Jones-Story Student Assistance Fund

This fund provides one-time emergency assistance to students in dire need. These funds make it possible for many students to receive an education who might not otherwise be able to do so.  Applications are available in the Office of Institutional Advancement, Lambdin Hall room 324.


Please contact the advancement office at 678-359-5739 before making a gift to this fund. In order to place a tree and a plaque on the Gordon campus sufficient funds must be given to cover the cost of the plaque and the tree. These gifts can be made in honor or in memory of someone.


View additional information on Foundation Scholarships:

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  • Akins, Lewis A. & Manona B. Scholarship
  • Aldora Scholarship
  • Bank of Upson Scholarship
  • Banks, James C. Memorial Scholarship (Upson)
  • Banks, James C. Memorial Scholarship (Lamar)
  • Barnesville Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Barnesville Women's League Scholarship
  • Barrett, George and Ernestine Scholarship
  • Bell, Dewaine T. Music/Education Scholarship
  • Bell, Patricia L. Scholarship
  • Bishop, David Scholarship
  • Blue, Ben / DOT Scholarship
  • Bray, Joseph P. and Frances B. Scholarship
  • Brown, Elaine Music Scholarship
  • Brown, Joe H. Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Brown, Rebecca Britt Memorial Scholarship
  • Bush, Daisy Nursing Scholarship
  • Bush, Evelyn G. Nursing Scholarship
  • Bush, Miss Marion Scholarship
  • Byrd, Mr. & Mrs. W.C. General Scholarship
  • Byrd, Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Nursing Scholarship
  • Clark-Tidwell Scholarship
  • Class of 1957 Scholarship
  • Coggins Family Scholarship
  • Colquitt, Chad Memorial Scholarship
  • Connell, Charles & Carolyn Nursing Scholarship
  • Crawford County Educators Scholarship
  • Crawford, Betty Smith Education Scholarship
  • Crawford, Dr. John B. Nursing Scholarship
  • Daniel, Lindsey Memorial Scholarship
  • Dent, Jack & Etheleen McElmurray Scholarship
  • Duke, W. A. "Buster" / Daughtry Foundation Scholarship
  • Edwards, Brad Memorial Scholarship
  • Edwards, Cobb & Margaret Business/Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Edwards, Cobb & Margaret Nursing Scholarship
  • Edwards, J. Joel Memorial/United Bank Scholarship
  • Edwards, Red Memorial / Pike Co. Kiwanis Scholarship
  • Ellis, Laura Joy Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Evans, Rosemary K. Scholarship
  • F&M Bank / Trip Griffin Scholarship
  • Fordham, Jack Scholarship
  • Founder's Day Scholarship
  • Garland, Tyler Scholarship
  • Gilbert, Carolyn Memorial Scholarship
  • Glidewell, Hugh M. Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Gordon Alumni Scholarship
  • Gordon State-Upson Lee Athletic Booster Club Scholarship
  • Griffin Kiwanis Club Scholarship
  • Griffin Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Griffin, Thomas & May Hall Scholarship
  • Grizzard, Vernon & Gaynelle Scholarship
  • Guinot, Luis & Marta Scholarship
  • Hammond, Kelli Memorial/Pike Co. Kiwanis Club Scholarship
  • Hardage, Oscar & Ruth Scholarship
  • Hempstead, Doris K. & S. Wayne Nursing Scholarship
  • Hewitt, Joanne Prout Music Scholarship
  • Highlander Achievement Scholarship
  • Hightower Family Scholarship
  • Hinck, Elsa B. Scholarship
  • Holmes, Shi Gray and Martha Dimon Holmes & Robert Holmes and Nell Gray Holmes Scholarship
  • House of Gordon / Flowers of the Forest Scholarship
  • Jackson Kiwanis Club Scholarship
  • Jackson-Butts County Rotary Club Kathryn Haisten Memorial Scholarship
  • Jenkins, Charles B. Business Scholarship
  • Johnson, Thomas E. Memorial Scholarship
  • Jones, W.L. "Luther" Scholarship
  • Julian, Margarette Ann Education Scholarship
  • Keadle Family Scholarship
  • Kelly, Mike Memorial Scholarship
  • Knowles, C.A. "Lon" Business Scholarship
  • Kressaty, Jennifer Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Lambdin Scholarship
  • Lombardo, Robert & Caroline Scholarship
  • May, W. Pierce Memorial Scholarship
  • Meriwether County Hospital Authority Scholarship
  • Meriwether County Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Mt. View Baptist Church Scholarship
  • Osmose Employees Scholarship
  • Parham, John Thomas & Frank Spencer Scholarship
  • Perdue, Diane Bentley Memorial Scholarship
  • Pharo, Dr. James & Mr. Joseph Pharo Scholarship
  • Pike County High School Scholarship
  • Pollack, Virginia Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Pope, Wanda M. Education Scholarship
  • Reddick, Ann Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Richardson, Tom & Helen Scholarship
  • Riley, Rebecca Yates Scholarship
  • Rogers Sr., Jesse E. Memorial / West Central Georgia Bank Scholarship
  • Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute Nursing Scholarship
  • Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Scholarship
  • Russell, Richard B. Scholarship
  • Russell, Robert L. Scholarship
  • Sellers Jr., David Edgar Memorial Scholarship
  • Simmons, Mary Jean Ivey Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Smith, Chafin Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Smoot, Lorene Turner Nursing Scholarship
  • Spalding County Kiwanis Club Scholarship
  • Thomas, Florence B. Nursing Scholarship
  • Thomaston Kiwanis Club Scholarship
  • Upson EMC Scholarship
  • Walker, Minnie Tyus Nursing Scholarship
  • Walker, Selwyn Foundation Nursing Scholarship
  • Waller, Larry and Glenna Scholarship
  • Watkins, R. Wright and Dovie Bryans & Elizabeth Hood Watkins Scholarship
  • White, Bill & Doris Scholarship
  • Wisebram, Elijah Memorial Scholarship
  • Wisebram Family Nursing Scholarship