Advisement and Registration

  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor to be advised and unlocked.
  • Check your registration information available on BANNER WEB FOR STUDENTS under "CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION STATUS."
  • To find the three-digit Course Record Numbers (CRN's) and times for the courses recommended to you by your advisor, go to:
    • My Gordon
    • Search Schedule of Classes
    • Select Term
    • In the first column enter the 4-letter course name
    • In the second column enter the 4-digit course number
    • Select "OPEN ONLY"

After Learning Support grades are posted at the end of the semester, Learning Support faculty members will adjust schedules of Learning Support students as needed. Students who have not completed a Learning Support requirement will be scheduled to repeat both the college course and the support course. If there are courses in the schedule that a student is no longer qualified to take due to not completing a Learning Support requirement, those courses will be dropped from the schedule. Learning Support students dropped from a core course will be contacted via Gordon State College email. Since the Learning Support faculty will not attempt to replace the dropped core classes, students will be expected to replace these with acceptable courses.