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Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Studies at Gordon State College (GSC) will provide students with a unique pathway to an interdisciplinary baccalaureate degree specific to their needs.  GSC’s BA in Integrated Studies will support the Complete College Georgia (CCG) initiative by offering students a flexible, accessible program that will cater to their specific needs.  Many non-degreed central Georgians have completed “some college,” usually the result of beginning one or several specific degree programs that were, for any number of reasons during the economic downturn of the previous decade, left unfinished.  Often, these collections of disparate courses do not fit into any traditional degree program. 

This flexible, four-year degree, that students may customize to their individual needs, will draw primarily from existing courses that will allow the student, in consultation with an academic advisor, to assemble an individualized configuration of coursework based upon his or her personal, professional, and interdisciplinary goals.  Students will identify an “Area of Emphasis” in the form of a track for their degree and build a 39-credit collection of related courses while also selecting 18 additional credit in support of that emphasis. The program will also feature a course during the final semester of enrollment that will ask the student to critically reflect upon the whole of their academic journey and to demonstrate in a formal presentation how their assorted Areas of Concentration fit together cohesively to accomplish their personal educational goals and point them towards an identified career field.


Advisement worksheet should be filled out and brought along to any meetings with your adviser each semester.

BA IDST: Management Track Advisement Worksheet

BA IDST: Professional Communication and Organization Advisement Worksheet

BA IDST: Public Service Advisement Worksheet

BA IDST: Liberal Arts Advisement Worksheet

BA IDST: Communication and Organization in the Film Industry Advisement Worksheet

BA IDST: Nexus-Production Advisement Worksheet

BA IDST: Nexus-Post-Production Advisement Worksheet

BA IDST: NEXUS-Creative Industry Arts-Digital Entertainment, Esports, & Game Development Advisement Worksheet